How to Keep Your Dentistry Environment Safe for Your Patients

All dentists want an environment safe and clean from germs for their patients. As a dentist, you’re always working with the human mouth that houses bacteria. The human mouth can have anywhere between hundreds to millions of bacteria. We all know that the bacterial flora of the human mouth is normal and inevitable. But how […]

Tips for Retirement: Selling a Dental Practice

There are over 140,000 dentists in the United States. Building a successful dental practice will require a lot of hard work and a bit of marketing savvy. Over the years, you may find yourself growing weary of the day to day grind that comes with running a successful dental practice. Instead of doing something you […]

6 Dental Office Logos Perfect for a Wall Mural

Is your logo looking a bit “blah” lately? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. Your logo is what helps people instantly identify something with your practice. Designing a killer logo can be tricky, though. There are already so many out there and you don’t want to copy. You want to be original, but not […]

Keeping Up With Patients: The Best Dental Practice Management Software

In order to run a successful dental practice, you need to be able to manage your patients in a quick and organized manner. Failure to do so will reduce efficiency, and will cost your practice money. There’s plenty of software available to help make dental management easy. Wondering which of these softwares you should utilize? […]

More Than an Answering Service: Do You Need Business VoIP?

65% of the American adult population will visit the dentist at least once every 12 months. Given that the US population has been booming as of late, the opportunity to nab new clients in 2019 and beyond has never been better. The problem is that with opportunity comes competition. More people are graduating from dental […]