Common Sedatives Used for Wisdom Teeth Removal and What to Expect

Nearly 10 million wisdom teeth are removed over the course of a single year. As a dentist, we understand that you want to learn how to make this often unpleasant experience as easy as possible for your patients. You want them to enjoy every aspect of your dental practice, after all. Prescribing them the right […]

How to Clean Vinyl Floors: Important Steps for Your Dental Office

Cleanliness. It’s one of the first things people notice about their dentist’s office. A spotless office creates a great first impression and keeps patients coming back. Dental office hygiene has become of increasing importance for new offices and remodels. Dentists are paying more attention to office design and the materials getting used. To maintain a […]

How to Get Listed on Google Maps Local Search Results

It’s no secret that increasing online visibility is important for businesses nowadays. Even small and local businesses should have an online presence. This way, they have a higher chance of getting customers via the internet, which is a huge part of everyone’s daily lives. This means that they should have a professionally-designed website or at […]

5 Clever Ways to Protect Your Small Business from Employee Theft

We hear more about shoplifting, but employee theft costs businesses in the U.S. $50 billion per year, according to one report. Small and mid-sized businesses get hit harder than large companies, perhaps because they have fewer resources to fight it. But sitting back and accepting employee theft isn’t a good idea, for obvious reasons. Read […]

10 Surprising Hiding Places For Mold In Your Dental Office

You might think that you definitely don’t have a mold problem. You regularly clean your dental office and patient rooms. You take pride in providing your patients with a hygienic and safe environment for your dental practice. Mold lurks in hiding places around your office. It grows in surprising spots you wouldn’t think to check. […]

How Long Does a Dental Office Have to Keep Patient Records?

Paperwork can be such a headache. However, it’s also an integral part of running your own dental practice. You have to deal with the normal paperwork tasks of running a business. Plus, you’re handling your patient’s medical records. This can get tricky when considering state regulations and privacy laws. What does compliance look like? How […]

How to Find Cheap Commercial Insurance And Why Your Dental Practice Needs It

Wondering how to find cheap commercial insurance? Many small dentistry companies would benefit from insurance. However, you might have avoided getting it because of the cost. In the current market, larger dental practices are seeing significant growth in their market share. Small practices often struggle to keep up and search for ways to cut costs. […]

Medical Billing for Dentists: How to Get Paid on Time

While 28% of Americans don’t have medical insurance, twice as many go without dental insurance. If you get patients who need a procedure but don’t have the insurance to pay for it, you might be surprised that medical billing for dentists exists. Rather than forgoing a payment or waiting forever for a low-income patient to […]

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Dental Office Flooring For Your Practice

Are you renovating your dental office? Renovations can be fun, but there’s a lot to think about. In your quest to design the perfect office, don’t forget the flooring! While you aren’t likely to forget to add flooring in general, it’s worth your time to consider what office flooring is best. The flooring you choose […]