Best Practices for Dental Practice Management

As at last year, there were almost 200,000 dental practitioners in the US. That means the competition is quite fierce for you as a dentist. If you’re starting a new practice, you need to deploy proven dental practice management techniques. And if you already have a dental practice, these will help ensure that your practice not […]

How to Keep Your Dentistry Environment Safe for Your Patients

All dentists want an environment safe and clean from germs for their patients. As a dentist, you’re always working with the human mouth that houses bacteria. The human mouth can have anywhere between hundreds to millions of bacteria. We all know that the bacterial flora of the human mouth is normal and inevitable. But how […]

Tips for Retirement: Selling a Dental Practice

There are over 140,000 dentists in the United States. Building a successful dental practice will require a lot of hard work and a bit of marketing savvy. Over the years, you may find yourself growing weary of the day to day grind that comes with running a successful dental practice. Instead of doing something you […]