Biological Dentistry vs. Holistic Dentistry: What’s the Difference?

“Treat the whole person, not the symptoms” is a common philosophy among biological dentistry and holistic dentistry. Both of these dental philosophies keep in mind the overall health of a person and focus on more than just a person’s oral health.  So, what’s the difference between biological dentistry and holistic dentistry? If you’re searching for […]

10 Dental Questions to Expect from Patients

Not knowing the kind of questions to expect from patients is discomforting to many. Dentists may appear incompetent based on how they approach the questions posed by their patients. According to a report by The Global Burden of Disease Study, oral diseases affected half of the world’s population in 2016 (3.58 Billion people). With such […]

All Work and No Play: 10 Tips for How to Maintain Work Life Balance

Are you looking for better ways to maintain a work life balance? When work piles up and stress levels are high, it’s difficult to remove ourselves from the workday and focus on our personal life. When this happens, we often channel our focus onto work and our personal life suffers. As a result, many of […]

How to Get Ahead in Dentistry with These Senior Dental Care Tips

Nearly 65% of American adults take at least one visit to the dentist every year. To get that percentage even higher next year, we’ve got to treat all of our patients with the utmost care and professionalism. Granted, this is more challenging with certain patients, particularly the elderly. Treat an older patient certainly comes with […]