5 Dental Marketing Tips to Attract More Patients

Whether you’re setting up a new office or have been established for decades it can be hard to build new clientele and to expand your customer base. With approximately 200 000 dentists in the US, it can be hard to make your clinic stand out from the competition. We’ve polished and refined 5 dental marketing […]

7 Excellent Strategies to Attract Clients to Your Dental Practice

There is a rapidly growing population of dental practitioners cropping up all over the globe. In the United States for example, there are 61 dentists per 1000 people. Those increasing numbers are making it harder for dentists managing their own practice to attract clients. Fortunately, there are methods backed by marketing experts that can help […]

How to Get More Referrals from Your Patients

Do you need to how to get referrals from your patients? For many dentists, between 70% – 80% of new patients are from referrals. This sole source of revenue often holds untapped potential. Dentist offices don’t tend to have a system in place for referrals. They assume that their patients know what they do from […]

5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Dental Referrals

Is your referral rate at a standstill? You’re not leveraging the power of your own patients to book more appointments. Here are five strategies you can try now to quickly increase your dental referrals.

3 Clever Dental Marketing Ideas for New Practices

You’re finally launching your first dental practice, but how are you going to stand out from the pack? It’s time to put your creative side to good use. Here are 10 dental marketing ideas new patients can’t resist.