Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Did you know the largest diamond ever discovered was 621 grams? That means the diamond was over 1.3 pounds! Pretty impressive, considering today, the average diamond most people wear is not even a gram in weight! Diamonds have been a symbol of wealth, elegance and commitment for years, and now, many people wonder – are […]

Business Financial Management: 5 Money Management Tips for Your Dental Practice

Financial management may not be the most complicated thing in the world. It is, however, one of the most multi-faceted things in the world. You’re juggling business accounts, personal accounts, credit cards, loans, salaries, expenses, and more. The key to business financial management success is having a game plan. That’s all it takes. Let’s start […]

How to Get Life Insurance: A New Dentist’s Guide

According to a recent study, nearly 40 percent of Americans who have life insurance don’t have enough coverage. For most dental professionals, creating a successful practice is one of their main concerns. While growing your practice is important, having an adequate life insurance policy is equally important. Learning how to get life insurance isn’t nearly […]

Is Your Retirement Nest Egg Enough?

How much do you think you need for retirement? $1 million? Now, the amount you need to save is more complex than one large sum. Let’s face it: the cost of living is high. If you struggled to make ends meet throughout your life, you’ll also struggle in retirement. Even if you had a good […]

3 Things Dentists Need to Know About Investing in Stocks

The number of people currently invested in stocks is showing a downward trend, now at just 54% of Americans. If fewer people are holding stocks, but the markets are trending upward, each one of your stocks will see a growth in value. When dentists and other professionals invest in stocks, they need to be aware […]

The Dentists’ Guide to Planning for Retirement

When it comes to planning for retirement, the premise is simple. All you have to do is plan in advance, so you’re able to do what you want with all of your free time. However, according to the 2016 Retirement Confidence Survey, 26% of people have less than $1,000 saved for their retirement, and as […]

5 Business Investments All Dentists Should Make

When you decided to establish your own dental practice, surely, you weren’t hoping to just scrape by. Through proper advertising and marketing channels, you enticed patients into your office. Having secured the right amount of capital, you purchased all the required equipment and hired a stellar staff. Now, it’s time to consider a few sound […]