Ready to Pop the Question? Learn How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

Everyone has heard of the two month’s rule for engagement rings, but did you know that De Beers made this up in order to boost sales after the Great Depression? I’m sorry to tell you that there’s no true hard and fast rule for determining engagement ring cost. But the good news is that to figure out how […]

Elite Self-Care: How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Day Spa

Workplace stress is on the rise and the number one source of stress in the workplace is… you guessed it, your boss! A new study has found that the biggest source of stress in the workplace is management. While there might not be much you can do about your boss, there is something you can do […]

Retiring from Dentistry? 6 Awesome Ideas for a Second Career

Has time come for you to hang up your spurs as a dentist? First things first, congratulations on a great career. You’ve probably spent about 42 years helping thousands of patients achieve better oral health. However, retiring from your dentistry career doesn’t mean your professional life has come to an end. If you aren’t ready yet […]

Top 10 Relaxation Ideas for Busy Dentists

Consultants have made the case that the average dentist should have 1,500 active patients to secure the highest billings. That comes out to just under six patients a day. But most dentists are seeing many more patients than that and overworking themselves with large loads. If you’re one of those dentists, then it’s time for […]