Stay Energized and Fight Fatigue Naturally with These 3 Vitamins

Around 45% of Americans who sleep 7 to 8 hours each night report feeling fatigued up to 3 times per week. Taking vitamins for energy can fix your fatigue problems. Nearly 27% of people wake up feeling fatigued 4 or more days of the week. Life is too short to spend it tired and low […]

How to Find Cheap Commercial Insurance And Why Your Dental Practice Needs It

Wondering how to find cheap commercial insurance? Many small dentistry companies would benefit from insurance. However, you might have avoided getting it because of the cost. In the current market, larger dental practices are seeing significant growth in their market share. Small practices often struggle to keep up and search for ways to cut costs. […]

How to Get Ahead in Dentistry with These Senior Dental Care Tips

Nearly 65% of American adults take at least one visit to the dentist every year. To get that percentage even higher next year, we’ve got to treat all of our patients with the utmost care and professionalism. Granted, this is more challenging with certain patients, particularly the elderly. Treat an older patient certainly comes with […]

Buying Commercial Property: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

If you’ve been considering buying commercial property, now is a great time to make your move. Last year’s store closing announcements tripled, climbing to a whopping 7,000. Many experts predict that the commercial real estate market will continue to follow this trend in 2018. Not only did many commercial retailers shut their doors in 2017, […]

Medical Billing for Dentists: How to Get Paid on Time

While 28% of Americans don’t have medical insurance, twice as many go without dental insurance. If you get patients who need a procedure but don’t have the insurance to pay for it, you might be surprised that medical billing for dentists exists. Rather than forgoing a payment or waiting forever for a low-income patient to […]

How to Deal With Back Pain At Work: Your Comprehensive Guide

Working in an office means you have access to amenities. Think about it. You have wireless Internet, controlled heating and air, and most of the time, even a break room. Working in an office all day, though, can have its downsides. For example, if you’re working at a desk all day long, have you ever […]

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Dental Office Flooring For Your Practice

Are you renovating your dental office? Renovations can be fun, but there’s a lot to think about. In your quest to design the perfect office, don’t forget the flooring! While you aren’t likely to forget to add flooring in general, it’s worth your time to consider what office flooring is best. The flooring you choose […]

The Best Dental Office Flooring Ideas to Ensure You Choose the Best Flooring

There are nearly 200,000 dentists practicing dentistry in the U.S. these days. A lot of said dentists operate their own office. Being a part-time businessman and full-time dentist can be tough. There are so many factors of a dentist’s office that must be accounted for. After you finish balancing the finances, you have to consider […]

How to Find a Good CPA for Your Dental Practice

To an outsider, a dental practice can seem like a fairly simple business. But anyone working within a dental practice knows that this far from the truth. There are suppliers to keep track of, employees who need paying and patient invoices that need to be followed up. Though that’s not even scratching the surface! Because […]