The Best Dental Plans for Seniors

As a dentist, you may often be asked for insurance recommendations. Read on to discover the best affordable dental insurance plans for seniors.

Top Dental Interview Questions for 2020

Hiring in the field of dentistry is just as challenging as hiring in the field of academics, science, or other doctorate required industries. Even if a candidate walks in with a good resume and a degree under their belt, you might not be able to decipher if they’re a quality candidate or not. Knowing the […]

Sleep Apnea and Teeth Grinding: How Your Sleep Affects Your Oral Health

Do you grind your teeth at night? It may be more than a sign of stress – or spending too much time on Twitter. What many people don’t realize is that there’s a strong link between teeth grinding (bruxism) and sleep apnea. There may be some physical reactions caused by sleep apnea that cause your […]

Dealing with Broken Teeth and Dental Damage After an Accident

6 million car accidents occur every year. As more drivers flood roads due to easier access to vehicles and heightened migration into large cities, we’re seeing that number crawl upwards. Whenever you read stories about the perils of vehicle collisions, you’re typically shown flashy statistics about serious injuries and even death. What’s not typically talked […]

How Can Your Dental Office Carpet Impact Your Patients’ Health?

Are you trying to decide what type of flooring you should have in your dental office? Are you wondering whether office carpet is the right choice? Choosing the flooring for your dental office isn’t as easy as it may seem to be at first glance. The floors you use in your office can have a big […]