MASSACHUSETTS – Tired of going it alone?

Tired of Going it Alone or Ready to Retire? If you experience this then it might make sense to partner or transition with Bedi Dental Group. Under our model, you can sell a portion of your practice yet continue practicing until you’re ready to retire. Not only will this diversify your assets and reduce your risk exposure, but you’ll receive profit distributions. We’ll manage the administration so you can focus on what you do best, practice great dentistry. And by employing our unique model of dentistry you may even see your production increase, along with your income. Alternatively, we’re happy to discuss a standard transition if you’re looking to retire.     

If this interests you, we invite you to view our video at In it you’ll hear the experiences of doctors who joined Bedi Dental. We’re currently acquiring practices with collections of $1 million+ in Massachusetts and New England states. For more info email us at or call Rod Watkins at 603-562-6138.