MICHIGAN – Come back to Michigan!!

Come back to Michigan!!  Whether you are looking for a growing urban area, a quaint bedroom community, or you want to enjoy four seasons of recreation, Michigan is the place to be. Peak Practice Transitions has dental practices throughout the state in all sizes. Options include general and specialty dental offices; ranging from those that are small and ready to develop to efficient, turn-key practices. We even provide support for your first year as a new owner! Call Nicole at 248.477.5777 and mention the practice code below. You can also visit www.peakpracticetransitions.com to see a complete list of available offices. 

Featured Practices:

Wine Country– If you have always dreamed of living near big water, here is your chance!  Treat friendly patients in a Northern Michigan bedroom community offering four seasons of recreation, wine, and the arts. Your spouse can work remotely with high-speed internet access. Recent facility and equipment upgrades. (LDGT1)

Upper Peninsula– $1.1M annually. Great net! Large upper peninsula general dental practice.  No Medicaid. Seven ops, digital X-ray, and E4D unit. Most specialty work referred out. (NNTF2)

Modernized practice — $700K+ average, 39% net, and growth trends. Primarily traditional insurance. Contemporary facility and equipment, 5 ops, and a stable staff. Contact Steven Schrems at Peak, 248-477-5777 (SRH2). 

Oakland County – Patient focused practice.  2 ops, Room to expand, Air filtration upgrades. Great for satellite location. (SLOS4)