Shaping the Dental School Experience

You might already know you have a strong interest in dentistry, but what you may not yet know is how to translate that into a successful career. Understanding that this is a layered process should be your first step. Once you have accepted this fact then you can begin to tackle each step with the […]

6 Tips for Scoring High on the Dental Admission Test

If you are interested in going to dental school to become a practicing dentist, the first step in that journey requires that you take the Dental Admission Test (DAT). This test is designed to assess a candidate’s potential for success in dental school.  The DAT can be overwhelming for students considering the test covers a […]

5 Tips for Starting Your Career as a Medical Administrator

Healthcare administration is a growing career that is becoming more important than ever. If you’re looking to begin a career in healthcare administration, it can be overwhelming at first. To help make the transition as smooth as possible, here are five tips you should know to become a medical administrator. 1. Understand and Develop the […]

The Aging Dentist: How to Be Prepared for Retirement

Are you a dentist looking to retire soon? For most people, retirement becomes a welcome–if not a tad daunting–venture. As you reach your later years, you’ve likely formed a life within your craft and have some bittersweet feelings about leaving.  Yet, many dentists still find themselves either needing to retire or ready to do so. […]

Which Medical Profession Is Right For You: Dentist or Doctor?

As a student just beginning your graduate studies, you may be wondering if you’re better off as a dentist or a doctor. While both require degrees in the medical field, the work and preparation behind earning either degree are very different. From the time you apply for graduate school up until the time you’ve earned […]

5 Most Effective Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Dental Practice

Recruitment is one of the toughest parts of starting a private dental practice. Your initial employees will form the foundation for your clinic and hiring the wrong people could result in money wasted in training, lost clients, and a bad reputation. These are all things that could cause long term damage to your practice, which […]

Tips for Getting into Dental Hygienist School

If you’re planning to attend a stand-alone or university-connected dental hygienist program, get ready for some challenges. Schooling can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life and prepare you for a good-paying, interesting career. The challenges most people encounter is in the form of financing and getting the right educational background to […]

Top Dental Interview Questions for 2020

Hiring in the field of dentistry is just as challenging as hiring in the field of academics, science, or other doctorate required industries. Even if a candidate walks in with a good resume and a degree under their belt, you might not be able to decipher if they’re a quality candidate or not. Knowing the […]

Biological Dentistry vs. Holistic Dentistry: What’s the Difference?

“Treat the whole person, not the symptoms” is a common philosophy among biological dentistry and holistic dentistry. Both of these dental philosophies keep in mind the overall health of a person and focus on more than just a person’s oral health.  So, what’s the difference between biological dentistry and holistic dentistry? If you’re searching for […]