Everyone Should Know These 3 Reasons Why Dentistry is Essential

Dentistry is an overlooked practice as many people like to avoid dentists at all costs. However, the dental practice has been a critical component of our health since ancient Egyptians’ times. While we know oral hygiene is essential, many people don’t understand why it’s essential. To find out why dentistry is vital to your overall health, keep reading.  Dentistry […]

Are Dental Implants Really That Expensive in the US?

For many in the United States, the cost of dental implants makes them an unobtainable luxury. However, are they really that expensive compared to other countries in the world? Your dental surgeon spent many years in college and now has a significant student loan to pay back. The costs of the technology used to perform […]

Developing A Comprehensive Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants

The age of the internet means that patients often seek out information online. A thorough and easy-to-understand set of localised resources on your site helps your practice as much as your patients. Creating a set of online resources has multiple positive outcomes, for both the business and the patients. Dental Artistry created a comprehensive guide […]

6 Things You Should Know About Seeing a New Dentist

Some people fear dentists and the whole dental experience. Maybe it’s thinking about the drill that bothers them, both its feel and sound. Perhaps they have not had a dentist look at their teeth in many years, and they feel shame about their condition. What you need to remember is that a dentist won’t judge […]

How Does Your DNA Affect Your Oral Health?

When examined, your DNA tells an intricate story of who and what you are. For this reason, your genetics is often referred to as your body’s building blocks. Having your genetics tested through a lab or using a home DNA testing kit will give you insight into a wide range of matters. This includes your […]

Pearly Whites Are Expensive! What to Do If You Can’t Afford Dental Care

The majority of Americans skip their recommended two dental visits per year — and that often comes down to the cost.  It’s no surprise, either, considering how much dental care can cost out of pocket. Routine visits come with hundred-dollar price tags, and that figure doesn’t even come close to covering urgent dental care, family dental […]

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Smile

Smiling is one of the defining characteristics of humans. We don’t just smile to show happiness, we use our smiles to communicate in a number of circumstances. Lots of us are self-conscious about our smiles but there are some simple things that we can do to improve them. Here are just four ways of improving […]

6 Tips for a Healthier Smile

Your smile is often one of the first things that people will notice and remember about you. Keeping this in mind, it’s of utmost importance to keep your smile happy and healthy.  There are a few things that need to be routine to create and maintain a healthy smile. Here are the five top tips […]