3 Things Dentists Need to Know About Investing in Stocks

The number of people currently invested in stocks is showing a downward trend, now at just 54% of Americans. If fewer people are holding stocks, but the markets are trending upward, each one of your stocks will see a growth in value. When dentists and other professionals invest in stocks, they need to be aware […]

Building Wealth: Is a Second Home Worth the Investment?

So, you’ve watched your practice grow from the few patients you served during its early days. Now patients milling in and out of your office, and leaving with wide, clean smiles. That should leave a smile on your face too, since you the people end up in your office, the more money you get. And […]

Dental Practice Loans: Your Guide to Getting a Loan for Your Practice

Are you starting a new dental practice, or growing an existing one? Dental practice loans can be a great way to get the funds to move forward with your dental business goals. Dental offices provide the largest percentage of employment in the industry by a large margin. There’s plenty of room for new practices in […]