5 Ingenious Ways To Reduce Noise in Your Dental Office

reduce noise

Is the excessive noise in your dental office driving you and your clients crazy? If so, it’s about time you did something about it.

All sorts of noises contribute to your office. So you may need to take a few different actions to bring the noise down to a tolerable level.

How do you reduce noise in your office without doing a major renovation or asking your clients to be quiet? Keep reading to find out.

1. Fix Your AC

A broken air conditioner can really make a lot of noise. So make sure you keep your office AC in good working condition.

Stop to take a listen on occasion. If your AC sounds louder than usual, you may have a problem. You definitely have an issue going on if you hear noises interrupt your day.

To reduce the noise coming from your AC, call a professional to get it checked out. Chill Air Concept has more information on when to get your AC checked.

2. Hang Noise-Absorbing Banners

Noises can be hard to muffle in a dentist office due to the large number of flat and hard objects. To help combat this issue, add noise-absorbing banners to your office ceilings.

These can be sheets of denim or cotton. And they don’t have to look like rags. Some nice, clean-cut squares can really do the trick without making the place look like a laundromat.

You could even get your patients involved. Let children decorate them after doing well in an appointment, or have a paint or design contest.

3. Go for Quiet Flooring

If you’ve got the funds for it, switch out your hard flooring for something more sound-absorbing. Carpet is much quieter, and it doesn’t have to be the type you’d find in a living room.

If you prefer hard flooring, go with vinyl. Vinyl flooring gives you the hardness you love but is more sound-absorbing than other hard floors.

4. Add a Dedicated Play Area

Do you have toys in your lobby for children to play with? That’s one thing that probably contributes to the noise in your office.

You don’t need to take those toys away, though. Instead, create a dedicated play nook instead of keeping the toys out in the open. This will help confine the noise to a specific area instead of sending it throughout the entire lobby.

5. Provide Headphones

Your clients may spend their waiting time watching videos or playing games. Chances are some of them will leave the sound on. To help lessen noise from electronic devices, have several sets of headphones on hand.

Use These Tips to Reduce Noise

It doesn’t take much to reduce noise in your dental office. There’s action you can take today!

Try making some simple changes to your office’s setup, or provide your clients with noise-limiting tools. Both you and your clients will appreciate the change.

While it’s not the easiest route, you may just want a new office. If you’re looking to rent a new space, make sure you avoid these mistakes.