6 Dental Office Logos Perfect for a Wall Mural

dental office logos

Is your logo looking a bit “blah” lately? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. Your logo is what helps people instantly identify something with your practice.

Designing a killer logo can be tricky, though. There are already so many out there and you don’t want to copy. You want to be original, but not too different.

One great way to get ideas is by looking at what already exists. You can find the features that you like and bring them together.

Not sure where to start? Here are six dental office logos so great you’d be proud to put a similar one on your wall.

1. The Transparent Tooth Logo

Not surprisingly, the first logo on our list involves a tooth. While there are plenty of ways to design your logo without a tooth, including that iconic image will instantly tell people what your company is all about.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a tooth into your logo. We particularly like the Old Bridge Dental’s take on this.

First, there’s the tooth design. It’s not overly eye-catching, but you notice it up front. The tooth is simply shown in outline format, but using attractive curved lines.

Right through the center of the tooth sites the clear, simple words showing who the company is. This design is simple, effective, and would look great as part of a wall mural.

2. The Bolder Tooth Logo

Instead of a transparent tooth, you could go for something that steals the focus on your viewer’s glance. Tooth Heart Dentistry does this really well.

Their take on incorporating a tooth into their logo shows what is unmistakably a molar, but it comes to a single point at the bottom, making the shape also look like a heart.

This logo perfectly incorporates the company’s name into one concise image. If you can do the same thing with your office name, great!

Since the focus of this logo is a bold shape, create a mural that helps tie it in through the use of other bold shapes.

3. The Disguised Tooth Logo

Yes, here’s another tooth one (don’t worry, we’ll have some logos that don’t involve teeth). We love the idea of Blossom Dentalcare’s logo.

Due to the name, the main logo image shoes a flower with a handful of petals. One of these petals is detached from the flower. This alone draws your attention, but they’ve also colored that petal white, while the others are blue.

The petal isn’t specifically shaped to look like a tooth. But, with its white color, the shape is close enough that it reminds you of a tooth.

Just about any mural featuring flowers could work well with this logo design.

4. Attractive Simple Wording Logo

This logo design is all about the simplicity of words. You can see it portrayed by Mint Dental.

There aren’t any teeth in this design. Instead, you see two simple words and one small illustration of a leaf. The words are different colors, as is the leaf, so you have a mix of colors going on.

This is enough to make the logo interesting even though it is simple. See what ideas you can come up with by simply using the name of your practice.

This sort of logo would look great if it was put into mural form. Taking some time to learn more about wall graphics can help you see how your logo could liven up your lobby.

Thanks to the leaf in this design, you could easily create a nature-centered mural that would tie in perfectly to your logo.

5. The Shape-Only Logo

This logo design doesn’t include any wording at all. While that might seem detrimental in ways, there’s also a benefit to it.

The design is simply a tooth made from geometric shapes. It’s simple, made from white lines with a blue background.

But how do you know who it represents? That’s the key, here. Since there aren’t any words, the person wants to know who the logo is for, so they find out. In their search, they discover it represents Alders Mondzorg (Dental Care).

While this approach might not be for everyone, it’s a unique way to get people interested in your brand.

6. The Initial Image Logo

Here’s another simple logo that we love. The visual element is entirely made up of the initials of the practice.

The company’s name is Dental House. The “D” and “H” are brought together into one symbol by turning the “D” around so the straight side of it can be the left side of the “H.”

Depending on the name of your practice, this could be really simple to do. Simply see what shapes you could come up with by bringing the initials together, then spell out your practice name somewhere next to the initial design.

This would look great up on your practice wall. People will love seeing our creativity when they walk in.

Use These Dental Office Logos for Inspiration

Obviously, you can’t simply copy any of these dental office logos, but you can certainly use them for inspiration. Each one has elements that could help you create a logo and mural that’s worthy of patient approval.

Consider your current logo and assess how it could work with a new office mural. Or tweak your logo to create something entirely new. Whatever you decide to do, your patients will appreciate your efforts to beautify your practice walls!

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