9 Most Popular Dental Procedures and Why You Should Offer Them to Your Patients

dental procedures

As a dental practitioner have you ever thought about the potential clientele you could be missing out on?

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of appointments and neglecting to grow your business.

One of the most obvious places to turn your attention to is the scope of services your practice offers.

Quite simply – are you catering to everyone’s needs?

Whether you’re new to dental practice or a well-seasoned professional, these are the standard dental procedures you should offer.

Common Dental Procedures Your Practice Should Offer

Put yourself in the shoes of your patients. What good is it to find a new practice that doesn’t offer the type of dentistry you need?

In order to establish your dental practice and form a reputable name for yourself, here are the standard dentistry treatments which you should offer:

1. Dental Bonding

This is a highly common restorative procedure used to repair teeth which are decayed, discolored, fractured or chipped.

During this procedure, teeth are repaired with composite resin. The main reason it’s become so popular? The specialized resin resembles the natural enamel color of your teeth.

If you practice does not offer dental bonding, you’re selling yourself short because it’s one of the most in-demand procedures in dentistry today.

2. Fillings and Repairs

Second to dental bonding is dental fillings which are also used to repair decayed teeth due to cavities or teeth trauma.

The difference with dental fillings is that the restorative material used is not as natural-looking as dental bonding.

Dental fillings are most commonly used throughout the back of the mouth in rear molars.

3. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become an extremely popular dental treatment in recent years and is most certainly a procedure all practices should offer.

Many patients turn to professional teeth whitening as a simple, affordable and effective way to brighten their smiles.

Teeth whitening works to remove stains and teeth yellowing and is a simple procedure carried out in a dental office or with a take-home kit.

Teeth whitening is a simple solution to keep stains and teeth yellowing at bay as results last for a year or even longer.

Take a look here for more info on teeth whitening and why the expertise of a professional is always your best bet!

4. Bridges and Implants

Another highly common and in-demand dental procedure: teeth bridges and implants. In short, bridges and implants work to replace missing teeth.

A dental bridge is comprised of false teeth, fixed in place by neighboring teeth. The bridge consists of two crowns placed on anchoring teeth, positioning the false tooth to fill a missing tooth gap.

Dental implants are essentially artificial roots used in place of teeth, which are inserted into the gum. A dental crown is then placed over the artificial root.

Dental crowns and caps are a common addition when a dental implant is involved. However, they also function to restore damaged, cracked or broken teeth.

Dental crowns, also known as caps, sit over the entire tooth which sits above the gum line.

5. Tooth Extractions

No one enjoys a tooth extraction, but sometimes it just cannot be avoided. Typically, a tooth is extracted when it is badly decayed, damaged or there is a need to remove the inner root of the tooth.

Permanent teeth may also need to be removed for certain orthodontic treatments, but this not as common.

6. Porcelain Veneers

Despite the fact that porcelain veneers are on the pricier end of the scale, this dental procedure is still incredibly popular.

A patient may require only two-three porcelain veneers to completely transform their smile. However, they also help to correct crooked teeth, fill in teeth gaps, and hide stains, cracks or chips.

Veneers are an excellent long-term solution as they are robust and do not stain. Their whiteness and shape can last up to 10 years when properly cared for.

During this procedure, tooth enamel is scraped off the natural tooth, making room for the new veneers. After this, impressions of the teeth are taken and sent to a lab where the veneers are created.

Once the veneers arrive, they are permanently bonded to the teeth for a long-lasting effect.

7. Invisalign

Another in-demand dental procedure which has truly taken off in recent years is the Invisalign product.

Invisalign is a clear aligner which is used to correct the direction and alignment of the teeth.

Basically, Invisalign is the modern-day replacement of metal braces. Invisalign is typically worn 22-hours a day and replaced every two weeks to ensure the teeth are gradually moved into place.

In most cases, Invisalign is only worn for 6 months to a year to completely transform a patient’s smile.

Invisalign aligners can be removed to eat, brush teeth and floss, but must be replaced afterward. The best thing about Invisalign? It’s pain-free and barely visible to the naked eye– hence its popularity!

8. Gum Surgery

While not as common as most of the above procedures, gum surgery is an important procedure.

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, affects the gums and jaw bone and can lead to a loss of teeth and other infections in the body.

It generally begins as a simple gingivitis infection, but left untreated will develop into periodontal disease, which is far more severe.

In some cases, gum surgery is required to remove infected parts of the gum to limit its spread through the rest of the mouth.

9. Root Canals

Probably one of the least favorite dental procedures for any patient, a root canal is a basic requirement for any dental practice.

A root canal treats diseased or abscessed teeth which are injured, cracked or worn down due to decay.

Once a tooth has become abscessed, a dentist will have to clean out the infected tissue from the tooth and refill the opening to avoid re-infection.

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