Keeping Up With Patients: The Best Dental Practice Management Software

dental practice management software

In order to run a successful dental practice, you need to be able to manage your patients in a quick and organized manner. Failure to do so will reduce efficiency, and will cost your practice money.

There’s plenty of software available to help make dental management easy. Wondering which of these softwares you should utilize? Read on!

These are the best dental practice management software on the market today.

The Best Dental Practice Management Software

The software company, Front Range Systems, can tell you just how important user intuition is. Successful dental software is both very functional and easy to use.

Of the dentist practice management software reviewed below, some are new, and some have been in use for years. Nonetheless, each software provides a great deal in the ways of both functionality and user intuition.


iDentalSoft is one of the top cloud-based dental practice software on the market today. Quick, responsive, and user-intuitive, it’s extremely easy to operate. Designed to accommodate all dental practice needs, there isn’t much that it can’t do.

This software seamlessly handles dental charting, patient scheduling, dentist-patient communication, text reminders, email reminders, employee scheduling, payment information, billing, and a number of other entities.

Because this software is cloud-based, users can access it on any device which receives WiFi. Not only can you use it on your computer during work hours, but on your phone during off hours.

Curve Dental

Another great cloud-based dental office software is Curve Dental. This software is available in a number of different packages and can accommodate practices of all sizes.

It handles essentially all dental-related tasks. Not only can it handle patient scheduling, patient-dentist communication, and payment information, but tooth charting, periodontal charting, and digital imaging as well.

Unfortunately, unlike with iDentalSoft, Curve Dental cannot be accessed from mobile devices. If you like doing things on the fly, this can be a problem.


If you’re looking to use tablets for your patient management needs, you might consider utilizing Dovetail. This cloud-based software is compatible with computers, phones, and tablets. However, it is optimized for use with tablets, specifically.

Dovetail has all of the features a dental practice could ever need: illustrated dental records, patient scheduling, dentist-to-patient communication capabilities, paperless billing capabilities, and much more.

Regardless of how many patients and employees you need to accommodate your dental management system, you can do so with Dovetail.


DentiMax is a highly-rated and easy-to-use software with tons of functional capabilities. Available on Mac, on Windows, and through the cloud, it can only be used on computers; Tablets and phones are a no-go.

This software offers a number of features, including, but not limited to digital x-ray imaging, tooth charting, employee time tracking, paperless bill pay, and patient scheduling capabilities.

While it can be a little difficult to get used to, once you’ve become familiar with it, DentiMax thrives on essentially all levels.


Another highly-functional, cloud-based dental office software is tab32. Designed solely for use on computers, it can also be purchased to accommodate either Mac or Windows operating systems.

This software does everything you could ever want a dental practice software to do. Not only does it aid in scheduling patients, but in communicating with them, charting their teeth, imaging their x-rays, and much, much more.

It even provides direct dentist-to-patient communication. This allows you to speak with your patients through a text message-style format.

While it can be a little difficult to get used to at first, in the end, tab32 is very easy to use. Backed by a top-notch support team, it’s great for dental practices of all sizes.


Denticon is an exceedingly popular dental software which is not only highly functional but easy to use as well. Available on Mac OS, Windows OS, and through a cloud, it’s designed solely for use on computers.

Patient scheduling; Patient registration; Periodontal charting; Insurance coordination; Payment processing. It’s all covered by Denticon.

If you’re looking for a user-intuitive software that can handle all of your practice management needs, Denticon would be a great choice.

ACE Dental

ACE Dental is an especially good option for large dental practices. While it’s on the expensive side, it can handle a substantial amount of clients with absolute ease. Usable on computers, tablets, and phones, it can be accessed from anywhere.

This software offers a great deal. Not only does it help with patient communication, but tooth charting, x-ray imaging, billing, insurance, and a variety of other aspects associated with running a dental practice.

All in all, this is a superb software. It’s easy to use, powerful and equipped to handle all your management needs.

ADSTRA Dental Software

Another highly-functional dental software is ADSTRA Dental Software. Designed for use in a cloud, with Mac OS, and with Windows OS, it’s a computer-based software with tons of capabilities.

ADSTRA not only allows you to set schedules and communicate effectively with patients, but it also allows you to chart patients’ teeth and image patients’ x-rays.

Though it can take a little getting used to, once you’ve become familiar with it, it works quickly and efficiently.

Open Dental

An open source software, Open Dental is free to download and use. Despite its lack of cost, it offers terrific performance. It provides everything that proprietary dental software programs offer.

Teeth charting; Patient scheduling; Dentist-patient communication; Invoices. These are all handled by Open Dental.

Though it’s a little difficult to operate at first, this software eventually becomes very easy to use. If you wish, you can pay an instructor to teach you the basics.

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