The Best Types of Countertops for Every Use

types of counter tops

Aesthetics matter to patients. A calming environment reduces anxiety and promotes wellbeing.

A well-designed dental practice can increase efficiency and functionality. it can evoke positive first impressions from new patients.

At the patient’s request, dentist office designs are becoming more residential. Layout, lighting, flooring, and countertops all come together to create a soothing, yet stylish vibe.

Are you considering a remodel of your dental practice (or your own home)? It’s important to select the right types of countertops for everyday use. You want countertops to add character to your space while being functional.

Read on for how to pick the perfect countertop for your practice. But first, let’s take it room by room to review your countertop needs.

Your Dentist Office, Room By Room

Depending on the layout of your office, you will need countertops in different areas. This gives you a chance to be uniform, or to switch things up with different materials in different rooms.

You’ll want to first consider your color palette. Which colors, textures, and materials will provide the most calming effect for staff and patients? You can go all white, classic white and black, or remain neutral in grey or beige.

The Check-In Counter and Waiting Area

Usually located at the front of your office, this area makes quite a first (and last) impression.

You’ll want to wow patients here. Use a beautiful and stylish material for the desk area where patients check-in.

An impressive office design will get your patients talking about your practice. They will compliment it and make recommendations to family and friends. It’s a great way to increase dental referrals.

A durable countertop material is best for this area. These counters will see a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important that they don’t scratch easy.

Treatment Rooms

This is where your patients spend most of their time. So you want the design to be simple, yet sophisticated.

It is important to first consider your budget. As you will need quite a bit of counter space between all the treatment rooms you have available.

Public Restrooms

It’s where your patients will wash their hands, freshen their makeup, and practice proper dental hygiene.

Consider making your restrooms more residential and comfortable. Select a countertop that is moisture resistant but complements the serene aesthetic of the room.

Staff Break Room

If you don’t have a staff break room, consider getting one. You’ll experience an increase in productivity from your staff.

Include a kitchen and select a durable countertop. Go for one that is heat and scratch resistant if you don’t want to end up replacing your countertops down the road.

Your Private Office

This is your personal space, to unwind or catch up on emails. You could have your own private bathroom, designed any way you wish.

Your desk can be traditional wood, or you can have a custom counter built in.

Now on to the countertop materials…


This natural stone is elegant, beautiful, and timeless.

It lasts a lifetime, which makes it fall on the higher end of the price spectrum. Granite is a popular material for kitchen countertops due to its high heat tolerance.

It’s hard and durable and can resist scratches. Granite is easy to maintain, but you may want to consider a professional grade sealer. This will help avoid stains over time.

It’s available in over 3,000 colors to choose from. Multi-colored granite is a great option as it will pick up surrounding colors from paint, furniture, and fixtures.

Due to the extreme weight of granite, transportation costs can be expensive. So, it’s something to think about when reviewing your budget for your office renovation project.


Also higher priced and heat resistant, quartz continue to be a popular countertop material. They add a look of luxury and sophistication to kitchens, bathrooms, or treatment rooms.

Quartz counters are durable and allow for easy maintenance. They are non-porous and prevent moisture from soaking into the countertops. This is important for keeping bacteria from growing in your office.

The many benefits of quartz countertops make it a great option for your dental practice. Yet, it is a more expensive choice for types of countertops. So you’ll need to budget accordingly or consider taking out a dental practice loan.


Soapstone is a beautiful alternative to granite or quartz. It’s gray and smooth in appearance, giving off a neutral and subtle vibe. It’s versatile in its design, complementing office styles from traditional to modern.

The downside is that it isn’t as durable and easy to care for as it’s stone countertop partners. If going with soapstone, you’ll need to use a mineral oil to keep it looking in pristine condition.

While it may not be your preferred option in a kitchen, soapstone looks great around a fireplace.

Butcher Block

This natural wood look provides warmth to your office. It’s more for looks than functionality but can work well in a kitchen or as a seated workspace countertop.

If your office design is rustic, this can be one of the best countertops to consider. Maple and oak are most popular materials. If the counters get scratched you can sand and reseal.

One thing to note with butcher block is that you need to be careful with bacteria. If using this in the staff room kitchen, make sure employees are not placing any raw meat or poultry on the counter.

Also be wary of wear and tear over time from water and stains.

Ceramic Tile

Available in a variety of patterns and colors, this countertop option is easy to clean. Yet you will have to be cautious of the grout or get it sealed.

Ceramic handles heat well but it does have an uneven counter surface due to tile edges and grooves.


This synthetic material is easy to clean and maintain. It’s less expensive so a great option to use in places where you will need significant countertop space.

It is harder to repair scratches and chips. So you may want to consider a solid surface option alternative.

Types of Countertops for Your Dental Practice

Whether you plan to build a new dental office or make a renovation, these types of countertops will leave a lasting impression on your patients.

A beautiful office design enhances your workspace and also helps market your practice. Include creative imagery in your marketing materials and on your website and social media channels. Here are more marketing ideas for your practice.