The Secret to the Perfect Dental Office: Ask These 12 Questions Before Leasing an Office Rental

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Moving to a new (or even your first) dental office poses many challenges. There are a lot of things you need to consider to be responsible for a new dental office space.

You need to think about your dental office rental as an investment. Not only will this be a financial investment, but opening a new office takes time and effort, too. Consider that some studies imply average dental practices spend up to 5.6% of gross earnings on yearly rent alone.

All of your patients will be entering this space. You want to make sure the office space is inviting and functional to meet the demands of your busy practice.

Before you move forward with the rental agreement, certain things need to be addressed. Detailed below are twelve questions to help you get started with renting.

Let’s take a look.

Where Do I Want To Open My Dental Office?

Location is key when it comes to opening any business. Your dental office will rely on specific patients to keep its funding.

Where, though, do you want these patients to be located? Perhaps you have never opened a dental practice before. If so, the options are wide open for you to consider.

There are plenty of resources online to help you locate available dental practice locations. You can research lists of available office locations if you’re not sure where you want to end up.

Perhaps you’re only moving your current dental office somewhere new. Perhaps you’re staying within the same neighborhood, even. No matter where you decide to move your dental practice, there are more questions you’ll need to ask.

How Much Space Do I Need in the Office?

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing an office space is how much space you actually need. There’s no need to pay an absurd amount in rent for space you won’t even end up using.

On the other side, you want to make sure you have plenty of room. The last thing you want to do is turn away patients because you run out of space for them.

If this is the first dental practice you are opening, you might want to rent a smaller office. Once you start to build up a larger client base, perhaps you can upgrade to more space. Be responsible about the size of office you rent.

What Amenities Will I Need for the Office?

In addition to considering space, you should think about the necessary amenities. Office space of all kinds requires more than just four walls and a ceiling. A dental practice requires all kinds of equipment, so the rented facility should meet those needs.

To start, make sure the office space has plenty of capacity for electrical wiring. The dental equipment you use will take up a lot of energy. These days, you’ll likely want to make sure wireless Internet will also be readily available.

Plus, your employees will probably want a space to relax in during their breaks. That means you might want a room that is similar to a kitchen or dining room. Think long and hard about what amenities your perfect dental office will need.

How Can I Make My Dental Office Eco-Friendly?

In the modern era, it’s becoming more and more important to operate eco-friendly. Sustainable practices not only impress progressive patients and donors, but they also save money in the long run.

It’s possible to make your dental office function using solar energy, for example. Such an eco-friendly practice will go a long way to save you money and resources. When you’re trying to decide on a dental office to rent, think about all the ways you could turn that space into a sustainable environment.

Should I Rent a Dental Office Instead of Mortgaging One?

You might be thinking that acquiring a dental office is the best idea for your practice. Have you considered, though, that renting might be more affordable?

It is for some practices. Maybe you aren’t sure if you could get approved for a mortgage. Don’t worry – there are steps you can take to learn more about a guaranteed mortgage approval.

What Is the Renewal Process Going To Look Like?

Some of the specifics in the rental agreement might be worth a minute of your time. In fact, you should take care to read through any rental agreement before you sign it.

Some of the fine print might throw you for a loop, after all. Don’t get taken advantage of and read through the entire document ahead of time.

Look at some of the agreement’s details. For example, what kind of renewal process is expected?

Studies show that dental practices should start working on a renewal agreement about two years in advance. Is that something possible for a rental agreement you’re considering? If the regulations are too strict for your comfort level, it might be a good idea for you to look at renting somewhere else.

What Kind of Parking Is Available?

Any office space location can make or break a business’s success. For your dental practice, there are some location characteristics that you simply can’t ignore.

For example, the availability of parking will affect your patients’ happiness when visiting your practice. Whether you like it or not, you need to make sure your facility has plenty of room to park.

What Kind of Traffic Is In the Area?

In addition to parking, you’ll also need to think about traffic in the area. If your dental office is too difficult to get to, patients who visit might not be impressed. Make their visit as seamless as possible to really impress them and maintain patient loyalty.

Is the Rental in Your Budget?

Anyone who runs a business of any kind is mostly concerned with finances. At the end of the day, every investment needs to be worth the time, effort, and money that went into it.

This is true for renting dental offices, by the way. Even if you think you can generate a high volume of patients, you shouldn’t rent a more expensive space than you can’t afford.

Your dental practice should have a sensible operational budget. You know how much it will cost to operate the practice on a monthly basis, and you need to remember that when you consider a new rental location. Don’t sell yourself short by ignoring what kind of rental expenses you can actually afford.

What System Is in Place for Maintenance Issues?

The management who runs any facility should have a functional maintenance system in place. That means that any kind of repair or maintenance should be taken care of quickly.

Before you sign your new dental office rental agreement, ask about how work orders are handled. Are you going to have to pay for all maintenance issues through your own practice? If you’re lucky, your landlord might take care of these issues for you instead.

What Kind of Decoration Would Work within the Office Space?

Decor and a pleasing atmosphere are crucial for any office space. Don’t forget that you’d do well to really impress any patient who visits your practice. Impressing them starts with the design and decoration of any room.

When you are ready to consider a dental office space to rent, take a thorough tour of the site. While you’re on the tour, think about what kind of atmosphere that space can create.

Is there a lot of natural lighting in all of the rooms? Are the light fixtures and wall colors sensible for a dental office already? Perhaps you will still need to invest a lot of money in decorating the dental office.

Don’t be afraid to get creative here. It’s important to create the most engaging and comforting aesthetic for each patient to experience. They’ll be more comfortable in a space that was specially curated for them.

Do You Trust the Facility Management Company?

Renting a dental office means you have a lot of questions to navigate. You need to consider if the price is worth it, first and foremost. Perhaps the most important characteristic of a rental agreement is the management from whom you’re renting.

Have you ever heard of that facility management company before? Do you know whether or not they have a positive reputation as landlords?

You should definitely make sure you do plenty of research about any company you plan to rent from. Start by checking out whether or not they have a sophisticated website. Then, research if they have positive online reviews before you actually consider signing with them.

Further Information on Dental Office Management

The above questions should get you started on finding the best dental office rental agreement available to you. You deserve to practice dentistry in the best facilities available to your budget.

We know how crucial setting up your dental practice is. Your dental office can make or break your practice’s success, and we’re here to help you. Check out the rest of our blog today to learn more guidance on setting up the best dental practice to ensure your success.