10 Dental Questions to Expect from Patients

Not knowing the kind of questions to expect from patients is discomforting to many. Dentists may appear incompetent based on how they approach the questions posed by their patients. According to a report by The Global Burden of Disease Study, oral diseases affected half of the world’s population in 2016 (3.58 Billion people).

With such high numbers of dental patients, dental questions will keep rising. Patients always have questions about their teeth and how to maintain a healthy smile. Here are the top 10 dental questions to expect from patients.

1. What Are the Steps to Take to Ensure Good Oral Health While at Home?

This is one of the most common dental questions. Most patients require guidance on how they can achieve good dental hygiene without frequent visits to the dentist. It is important to know how to keep good oral hygiene for circumstances where there are no dentists around.

Keeping good oral hygiene is achievable with ease. Some of the steps towards having good oral hygiene would include eating a balanced diet, reducing intake of snacks with high sugar levels and avoiding tobacco products.

2. How Often Should One Visit a Dentist?

Many patients find it confusing in regards to the number of times they should see their dentist. The common opinion is that patients should pay frequent visits to their dentists. However, such a recommendation does not exactly mention the frequency in a number of visits.

It’s for this reason that this dental question keeps coming up. You don’t need to worry anymore, the answer to such a question is simple. A standard recommendation by a majority of dentistry boards is that patients should visit their dentists at least once in every six months.

3. What Is the Cause of Bad Breath?

Patients frequently have a concern about the causes of bad breath. Be sure that you’ll encounter such a question on many occasions. Well, there are two common causes of bad breath. One is that it is as a result of oral health issues and the other is that it may result from systemic medical issues.

Both the causes are treatable. You need to assure your patients that all is in control and prescribe measures to counter each of these causes as they arise.

4. Is Tongue Pain a Cause for Alarm?

There are several causes of tongue pain. A few examples include cold sores, ulcers, dehydration, and general body sickness among many others. Additionally, pains in the tongue could be a sign of a deficiency in nutrients, especially vitamins.

Luckily, all these causes have their remedies. In the event that dental patients ask you these questions, advise them to visit their physiologists. Learn more about dental issues and their early symptoms.

5. Are Any Changes in Gums an Indication of Bigger Issues?

Patients often pose this dental question either out of curiosity or after witnessing some changes in their gums. Many a time, dentists find themselves missing out on the correct answers. Don’t worry anymore. The answer is simple.

Changes in gums either indicate poor oral hygiene or general changes in the health status of a patient. Sever changes in gums may be a sign of developing Diabetes.

6. Is There a Reason to Have Dental X-Rays Done?

It is important to have dental X-Rays done early in the patient-doctor relationship to establish the initial state of the patient’s dental health. Dental X- Rays enable dentists in determining whether there are significant changes or development of any dental issues.

Patients with a higher risk of dental caries should, however, take X-Rays more frequently, preferably every six to eight months.

7. What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Many patients are victims of pain whenever they consume hot or cold foods. Such a condition entails tooth sensitivity. While tooth sensitivity is a common issue among patients, most of the patients don’t have an idea about its causes, thus giving rise to this dental question.

Whenever this dental question arises, you need to give a conclusive list of all the causes. Some of the causes include: fractured teeth, having tooth fillings and tooth grinding while in deep sleep among others.

8. What Measures Help in Tooth Whitening?

Who does not love having white teeth? Everyone is a fan of beautiful smiles. A beautiful smile typically means that you have a nice, clean and extra white dental formula. Every patient concentrates on ensuring that their teeth are as white as possible.

Only a few know the best ways to achieve such a goal. Tooth whitening only requires a patient to reduce coffee intake, tobacco use or simply having a professional administer a tooth cleansing session. Can tooth whitening get any simpler?

9. Does Frequent Use of Mouthwash Pose Any Health Effects?

Many dental patients believe in the daily use of mouthwash as a way of reducing the risks of any dental problems. Others believe that the use of mouthwash is the best way to ensure oral hygiene. A few dental patients have doubts about the frequent use of mouthwash.

They fear it might have health Implications on the users in the long term, hence the questions. Even though the use of mouthwash is important for protection against bacterial infections, it shouldn’t be for daily use. Mouthwash contains high levels of sodium that’s not good for anyone’s health.

10. When Should a Child First Visit the Dentist?

Many new mothers have a problem in determining what the best age is for their children to have their first visit to the dentist. Such a question might seem easy and less important. The reality is, it is not an easy question and is quite important. Dentists all over agree that it is important for a child to visit a dentist as early as possible.

The timing can be as soon as the baby starts teething or immediately after the first birthday. Paying such an early visit to the dentist will help the dentist take note of any potential dental issues before they become severe. Still puzzled about the right timing for a dental visit? Book an appointment with your dentist for your baby today, there’s nothing to lose.

Still Not Sure About the Dental Questions to Expect from Patients?

It is understandable if you still are not sure about all the dental questions to expect from patients. However, the ones listed above are the most common of all. Most patients have a concern surrounding what all these questions address. 

With that, you will be ready with all the answers. Enjoy!

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