5 Luxury Men’s Grooming Tools That Make Looking Professional Easy

men's grooming tools

First impressions are everything in business. Most people assume that this applies only to when a new client walks into your office. Is the facility clean? Are they greeted when they walked in and made to feel welcome?

In the dental field, however, there are two first impressions that matter. The first is when someone comes into your office; the second is when they meet you.

It may not be fair, but people judge others based on appearance. How you present yourself goes a long ways towards gaining a client’s trust.

With a little help from these five men’s grooming tools, you’ll make a lasting impression that keeps clients coming back for more.

1. An Electric Shaver

When clients come to see you, they’re trusting you with their health. It’s only fair for them to expect you to appear hygienic and well-kept.

A good electric shaver goes a long ways towards keeping up that appearance. You don’t have to be clean-shaven, but you do need to look professional.

There are a lot of electric shavers out there that come with different functions. Choosing the best electric shaver depends on how you present yourself. Do you stay clean-shaven, maintain a five-o’clock shadow, or have a beard that you maintain?

Consider what type of look you want to maintain and your typical clientele. All these factors determine what type of shaver you’ll need.

2. Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer

You spend a lot of time leaning over your patients. The last thing you want is them to look up and see a swath of nose hair.

Nose hairs do serve a purpose though. They stop you from inhaling dirt and keep mucus inside of your nose. Plucking them out keeps them from doing their job. But an ear and nose hair trimmer and use it to cut them down to a workable size so they aren’t visible when someone is looking at you.

You can use this to shave ear hair as well, and trim a mustache to above your lip line.

3. Slanted Tweezers

Let’s be honest: most men neglect their eyebrows. We tend to focus on the forest and forget the trees. This big-picture approach might work when you’re around male clients, but females notice these things and might think that you don’t take care of yourself.

Buy some tweezers and use them on errant eyebrow hairs. You can also use them for splinters or hangnails if you’re in a pinch.

4. Tongue Scraper

Have you ever heard the expression “practice what you preach?” Dentists have to have good oral hygiene if they expect client’s to trust them.

Bad breath comes from the bacteria that resides on your tongue. You of all people know that brushing your teeth alone isn’t effective enough. Keeping tongue scrapers handy in the office helps you maintain fresh breath after eating lunch.

Use them after you eat or in the middle of the workday to keep your breath fresh and your clients confident.

5. Nail Clipper And File

If your hands are going to be in someone’s mouth, they need to be immaculate. Keeping your nails trimmed helps stop dirt from accumulating under them and looks professional.

Look for stainless steel nail clippers that are strong enough to give you a precision cut with a rounded look. Clippers without strong cutting power might leave you with hangnails.

Use the file to work your nails closer to your skin to keep them clean. Look for a clipper/file set that comes with a pick for underneath your nails to get rid of dirt and food particles.

6. Callus Remover

You spend a large amount of time on your feet bending over. This stance puts extra pressure on your feet and causes your shoes to rub against certain hotspots.

Over time, you’ll develop calluses that are hard to get off. Buying an electric callus remover makes it easy to get soft feet that you’ll be proud to show off on your next beach vacation.

There are some removers on the market that are a straight razor. These work as well as the electric ones, but who wants to peel off hard skin like they are cutting a block of cheese? Electronic removers work like a vibrating pumice stone, removing calluses while feeling good.

7. Cologne / Body Spray

The lights that dentists use for operations are bright and hot. This causes you to sweat, adding a certain level of body odor to the mix.

If you find yourself needing to refresh throughout the day, go with a light cologne or body spray. You don’t want anything overbearing as your patients might not be a fan of the scent, but you’ll need something to cover up the perspiration odor that builds up throughout the day.

Spray on deodorants work well. Avoid sprays like Axe, as they tend to be stronger than most clients would like.

8. Comb

Throughout the day, your hair will likely form into its own shape. It’s either going to fall when you bend over or natural humidity will cause it to become frizzy. Either way, you don’t want clients to think that you don’t care.

Keep a two-sided comb handy. The side with the close spaces between teeth pulls out hair product and dandruff. The teeth with larger spaces between them allow you to style your hair and give it a softer look.

Men’s Grooming Tools Build Customer Confidence

You are the best marketing tool your practice has. Keeping a professional appearance builds your client’s trust and keeps them coming back for more. A small investment in men’s grooming tools goes a long way.

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