6 Tips for a Healthier Smile

Your smile is often one of the first things that people will notice and remember about you. Keeping this in mind, it’s of utmost importance to keep your smile happy and healthy. 

There are a few things that need to be routine to create and maintain a healthy smile. Here are the five top tips that will help to improve the appearance and health of your grin.

Floss Daily 

Every time you visit the dentist, they likely ask you whether you floss daily, and if the answer is no, they’ll tell you to start. Here’s why. The buildup of plaque can lead to tartar, which causes dental decay. Flossing daily also brightens your smile by removing excess food particles that you may not see.

Some researchers believe that increased levels of inflammatory substances in the blood can be linked to mouth infections. Another theory is that the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and impact your heart.

Although brushing twice a day is essential, it may not protect you from gum disease. Flossing daily, combined with brushing, helps protect against gingivitis while giving you a gorgeous smile.

Limit Stain Causing and Sugary Foods 

Most of us know that coffee and red wine stain teeth when used often, but did you know that tomato sauce and blueberries do this too? It’s best to limit your consumption of these types of food and drink if you’d like to keep that sparkly smile white.

Food that is high in acidity should also be minimized. Highly acidic foods eat into the enamel of your teeth, causing what is known as ‘tooth erosion.’ This includes fruit like pineapples or other citrus fruits, tomatoes, and sour-tasting fruits or juices. We’re not saying give them up altogether. Just be mindful of their potential effect on your smile. 

When it comes to food, other culprits are not too kind to your teeth. Sugar is one of them. In addition to avoiding too many sweet treats, and too much coffee, you should also consider how much you add to your daily cups of tea and coffee. That counts too! Opt for less of this whenever possible. Rinse your mouth with water after enjoying something sweet.  

Food can boost your dental health too. Some foods are known to be great for your teeth — so stock up on fiber-rich fruits and vegetables that help keep your teeth and gums clean. Opt for leafy greens and fish packed with vitamins and omega oils. 

Pick foods with fluoride, dairy products rich in calcium, or green and black teas that are also known to be good for dental health. 

Buy a Quality Toothbrush

Your toothbrush should be one of the most used products in your household; it’s important to choose a good quality one. Caring for this also comes highly recommended. Rinse it in hot water after every use. This will get rid of any toothpaste left on the brush and rinse away the germs. It’s recommended to replace your toothbrush every three months.

Many dental professionals recommend using a soft-bristled brush with a small head. A softer toothbrush is gentle on the gums. Happy and healthy gums go hand in hand with healthy teeth. The best brushing action is to gently use it in circular movements. Always brush at a 45-degree angle and be careful not to hurt your gums by pressing too hard. 

An electric toothbrush is an excellent alternative to a manual option. Dental practitioners claim that using a top-quality battery powered one is clinically proven to be more effective for a cleaner mouth. The small head also makes it easier to reach difficult places, including back teeth. 

Ultimately, the best toothbrush for you is the one that fits your mouth and reaches all your teeth. 

Drink Lots of Water

Our bodies are 60% water, and most of our systems depend on fluid intake to function optimally. That includes getting rid of waste, the distribution of healthy nutrients, and keeping your muscles moving.

Drinking fluoridated water is one of the easiest ways to prevent cavities. Fluoride, which is a mineral, strengthens teeth and can usually be found in tap water. 

Drinking water is also a fantastic way to wash away cavity-causing bacteria. The liquid dilutes the acids caused by bacteria that wears away the enamel of your teeth. 

Invest in Dental Insurance

Having proper dental insurance is like having the right car insurance, you don’t need it often, but you’re glad you have it when the time comes. Learn more here about the benefits of insurance regarding dental health by looking online or contacting a firm near where you live. 

Many health conditions have been linked to poor dental hygiene. People often neglect giving teeth the attention they need due to out-of-pocket expenses being too high. Checkups might be reasonably inexpensive, but insurance helps to cover unexpected costs like root canals and extractions. 

See your dentist and dental insurance as your partners in oral care. Don’t be afraid to go. It is often best to consult your dental practitioner before you start experiencing pain or discomfort.  

It is also essential to understand what is urgent and the consequences should you delay treatment. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are unclear on a procedure or its costs. Your dental insurance cover will help you understand your options. 

Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

Dental care is essential for your pet, but many owners forget about their animal companions’ teeth. You can take care of your furry friend’s teeth at home, but you need to be careful. If you’re not cautious, you can really hurt them.

If you’ve cleaned out your dog’s ears or brushed their teeth since they’ve been a pup, you won’t struggle as much. However, older dogs might not like it when you poke around their mouths or keep them open.

To make the process a little easier, be very gentle, and go slow. You’ll make more progress by getting your pet used to the cleansing instead of forcing them to experience it. Your pet will grow to hate it rather than see it as a bonding experience.

Start by using plain gauze to rub over your dog’s teeth and gums. Try and do it every two or three days, at the very least. Daily would be better, though, and if you can train your dog to accept dog-toothpaste and a toothbrush, all the better. You can also use dental treats to promote healthy teeth in between cleanings.

Bonus tip: If you’re kids are feeling stubborn about taking care of their teeth, tell them to follow Fido’s good example.

Maintain Great Tooth Health

Keeping your smile healthy and beautiful doesn’t have to be complicated. A few healthy habits and an excellent oral routine will get you there in no time.

Be sure to drink enough water, eat the right foods, and skip a few of the not so good ones. Brush and floss daily, and you’re bound to have a happy smile. Oh, and make sure you have the right insurance coverage for any unexpected dentist visits.