The Strategies Behind Marketing a Dental Practice

Marketing Dental Practice

It is time for some new dental marketing! Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, dentistry is adapting to new changes all of the time. The CDC has great guidelines to follow for dental settings.

Pandemic or not, your dental practice deserves recognition and customer loyalty!

Maybe you are starting out or perhaps you are looking to increase your client base. Whatever your reasons are, it is important to have great marketing in dentistry. However, knowing how to market a dental practice is another challenge altogether. 

Marketing a dental practice does take a lot of work. By using the following strategies, you will be guaranteed to build a bigger client base thanks to your dental practice advertising.  

Long-Term Customer Service Plan

When thinking about how to market a dental practice, there is one important thing you can do first: ensuring customer loyalty helps you and your practice plan for long-term customer service. 

A loyal customer goes a long way. You can count on them to keep using and purchasing your services. They may also recommend your dental practice to their circles, which will help you expand your reach. 

If you provide consistent and empathetic customer service, you will keep your customers around for a long time. 

The Patient Experience and Empathy Go a Long Way

As mentioned above, the experiences of your patients will help either increase or stall your client base growth. If you are attentive and empathetic to patient needs, then they feel supported by you. 

Developing connections with your patients is important. They are people too, and knowing them can help motivate them to stick around and keep using your dental practice for all of their dental problems and needs. 

Knowing Your Target Market

Another important thing to remember about dental marketing is knowing your target market. This will determine whether your marketing campaign makes or breaks it. 

Beyond knowing, strive to reach your specific target market. What are the demographics of your clients? Who is not only using your dental services but also giving their loyalty to your dental services, and why? Some research shows that women are the bulk of people deciding on dentistry purchases and services. 

This helps you develop the right content for your marketing strategy. Otherwise, you will have less engagement and interest in your marketing content as well as your dental practice as a whole. 

Pandemic Dentistry: How to Adapt

There is no denying how much the COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world and its many industries. This includes the practice of dentistry. This new normal must be incorporated into your regular dental practice in addition to your dental marketing. 

If you can, invest in more personal protective equipment (PPE) for your staff. Find as many ways to keep contact between yourself and the patient contactless, such as creating appointments and checking in. Within the exam room, that is not something you can easily do, but continue to take whatever precautions you can. 

Continue to bolster trust in your dental practice so that patients feel safe to come to their appointments. Implement this with your heatmap features too. 

Keep Track of Your Online Reputation

With the continuing growth and reliance on social media, keeping track of your online reputation is necessary to the development of your dental practice brand. Dental marketing must include looking at what people are saying online about your dental practice. It is also keeping track of how you engage online with people too. 

Staying engaged on your social media platforms can help continue public trust in your dental practice and services, as well as keep you relevant. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great ways to develop your online reputation. Now, Tiktok too can be an interesting app to use to track your online reputation as a dental practice of support and honesty. 

Blog Posts Help Garner Interest and Give Information

Once you give your website a once-over, focus on creating great blog content! Great blog content is both engaging, informative, and factual. 

As a dental practice, you can create blog posts to help garner interest and give information to your returning and prospective clients. You can create content on proper ways to reduce gum loss, how often people need to floss their teeth, and more. 

Take this as an opportunity to show off your expertise to your client base! 

Working Within and For Your Community

One last, fantastic way for your marketing strategy is to show you and your dental practice giving back to the community. 

What are the causes within your community that mean the most to you? You can give back by volunteering time, donating money, and offering support. Both returning and potential patients will see your practice as one to join because of your gracious nature. 

Marketing a Dental Practice

Marketing a dental practice is not easy work, but it is necessary to keep your dental practice relevant and engaging for your returning patients in addition to possible new patients. 

Make goals for a long-term customer service plan, and be sure to center the patient experience in that as well as giving back to the community. When beginning your marketing campaign, understand who your target audience is and how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting dentistry. Finally, keep track of your online reputation as you create engaging blog posts and more. 

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