Using the Power of the Internet to Build Your Practice: 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Dentists

dentist marketing

2018 is the year to see meteoric growth in your dental practice. There is so much new development in technology and consumer interests.

Opportunities for leading-edge designs present tremendous advantages for dental businesses.

These new dentist marketing ideas will target audiences with pinpoint accuracy. With these tools, dental businesses can expect to jump-start their lead acquisitions and conversions to sales.

Find out the types of digital marketing you need to use for your dental practice.

1. Creating Search-Engine Friendly Content

Digital marketers and media pros already know SEO basics. It was once simply knowing which keywords your audience was looking for. You then needed to work them into your content in the right density, and the traffic would start to arrive.

The way people use search engines is changing. The keyword-focused approach isn’t working like it used to. So, some digital marketers simply try adding more content with more keywords, however, it’s not that easy.

While creating great content is still key, getting the rankings you want will take a few more steps. Instead of searching for “dentists in St. Louis”; a user might ask “where can I get my teeth checked?” instead.

So while “St. Louis dental office’ may have formerly worked as a keyword, it won’t anymore.

Google and other search engines have complicated algorithms that are used to determine how pages should be ranked. These algorithms carefully examine the content on the page to see whether it seems relevant and helpful for the person searching.

After all, a search engine’s goals are to deliver helpful content quickly to the person who is searching.

Focus on topics rather than keywords. This helps to make you seem like an expert in the dental industry whose site is offering the information that people need. Search engines love this type of content and will rank it highly.

2. Omnichannel Success

Many dental businesses have begun to arrange their sales and customer relations channels into a common sphere. This omnichannel approach allows for remarkable differences. It focuses on delivering content with how customers want to receive it.

Some customers prefer to research dental services online before going into a physical dental office.

Some customers want to know that their medical searches apply to their online history and vice versa.

Instead of relying on many voices for a target audience, dental businesses let their audience choose the voice they prefer. This makes it much easier for businesses to reach out and win in customers.

Omnichannel marketing relies upon providing a consistent experience for customers across digital and real offices. Customers appreciate this because it feels like a comfortable, familiar experience.

They know what the expect, and they reward that expectation with continued business.

3. Dissipating Content

A new trend in digital marketing is the use of dissipating content, or content that is available for a limited time. People enjoy this because it makes them feel like they are in on a secret.

It is also a great way for dental businesses to stir up interest in services, consultations, or special equipment.

One way that businesses can benefit from dissipating content is to offer limited-time events. Once the content is gone, then the event is over.

This artificial scarcity alerts customers about the immediacy of the offer and encourages them to visit a dental practice.

Most dissipating content finds use in drumming up followers and interest on social media. Many places like Instagram and Facebook have rolled out dissipating content to allow posts and stories to stay up for 24 hours.

Many expect to see this kind of content delivery to grow exponentially this year.

4. Social Media Influencers

Continuing with social media trends, another one to look out for is the use of influencers. These are people or profiles on social media who have a large following.

Large businesses already use influencers to sell their products, but this trend is also a potential powerhouse for dental practices to follow. People enjoy following trends. It makes them feel a part of the group.

With influencers, people can feel a part of the group by knowing which trends are popular.

Social media influencers also make endorsements seem natural. People feel comfortable trusting a dental practice which appears to have a natural opinion about a product or business, and by using social media, businesses can obtain that natural feel with customers.

It will cause more people to be curious and research more, and with the increased attention, it will bring in new clients.

5. Better Website Design

Dental businesses should learn how to start a blog.

Your dental business should make certain your sites will load fast to deliver hyper-focused content to your visitors without wasting resources like bandwidth and data usage.

HTML5 has many new features like canvases and WebSockets that create a robust platform for designing beautiful websites.

Each visitor can see the eye-catching graphics and then intake the information through a banner advertisement or interactive game.

WebSockets allow a user to retrieve updated, real-time information. This allows for things like Twitter feeds, Facebook comments, or other social media platforms to be implemented seamlessly.

This reduces wasted bandwidth and data on the business and customer side. No customer enjoys having their data plan used up faster than expected, and this is one way to help with that.

What’s great is to combine these two elements together. With on-the-fly changes allowed by canvases and real-time information provided by WebSockets, website designs have a multitude of options now to deliver hyper-focused content to visitors and win them over to visit your office.

Dentist Marketing Tips

Dentist marketing implementation will change drastically in 2019. Businesses can expect to see HTML5 used more to create on-the-fly hyper-focused content from real-time data.

Businesses should also begin to organize their marketing processes around an omnichannel approach. This provides customers with a consistent experience across all platforms.

Dissipating content and social media influencers will also see greater use, especially among local businesses. These tools and techniques will greatly improve your dental marketing strategy.

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