Get Paid Faster and Easier with These Dental Billing Tips

dental billing

Getting patients to pay their dental bills on time can be a lot like pulling teeth. It’s true and can be a real problem.

For your dental practice, dental billing is the last thing you want to worry about. You’d rather be taking care of patients, booking new patients, and growing your business in your community. Here are some tips to deal with the headache of dental billing, once and for all.

Educate Yourself

Most businesses have structures in place that demand reporting, accountability, and results. But that isn’t always the case with a dentist’s office. Many dentists lack the basic training needed to keep their managerial systems in tip-top shape, so the first job should be to educate yourself.

For example, dental accounting is something that should be performed every day. This will help mitigate the number of dental billing jobs that accrue over time. Ask yourself how often you are performing the task, and see if you need to make some adjustments.

Another example is how you’re paying for people. There’s a lot to consider, so perhaps a tool like a pay stub generator would make life easier.

No Agreements, No Services

One absolutely essential component of medical billing for dentists is to get all the information up front, signed for, and processed before any services are offered. The likelihood of you not getting paid on time (or at all) increases if the onboarding process for your patients doesn’t place responsibility clearly into their laps.

For example, dental insurance claims should be made at least three days before any services are administered. Dental billing services can also train employees on this, but perhaps the first step is to get really clear on your system as it stands and see where you (or a potential patient) could potentially poke holes in it.

Outsource If Possible

Maybe you consider outsourcing one of the most frustrating components of your practice. Dental billing companies help keep your practice profitable and hassle-free by offloading the billing procedures to them.

The good ones provide services ranging from sending claims, fee scheduling, and credentialing. Some even act as a multi-faceted resource, offering to consult and coach smaller dental offices through the hassles of getting people to pay their bills.

Obviously, this may cost more than doing it in-house, but it’s an option to look into if it’s feasible given your budget. More and more, people are doing dental billing jobs like this because of the clear need.

Dental Billing- Wrap-Up

When it comes to dental billing, the key is to be proactive and educated. Take the time to understand what needs to be accounted for, and be sure you have your bases covered before the patient receives any services.

Most dentists focus on their work, but the managerial side is important. There’s always more to learn, so perhaps check out these articles about dental marketing while you’re at it.