Spend Your Dentistry Bonus Wisely: 8 House Upgrades That Pay for Themselves

house upgrades

You spend your days examining teeth and fixing a slew of dental problems at the dental office. Then, when you get home at night, you can’t help but to mentally record the issues you see at your house — you know, the areas of your home you still haven’t fixed up yet.

But you just received a dentistry bonus, which means you’ve got no excuse to keep avoiding those long-overdue home remodeling projects.

And honestly, why would you want to?

Research shows that remodeling your home can be a good move financially: On average, a homeowner receives back 56% of a remodel’s cost in his or her home’s resale value.

Note, though, that not every type of home project will financially pay off for you down the road.

If you’ve had a good year at the dental office and have some cash to spare, here’s a rundown on eight house upgrades that will pay for themselves should you decide to sell.

Let’s get started!

1. Best House Upgrades Include Painting Your House

What’s so great about painting is that if offers drastic results with very little investment.

With just a few thousand dollars, you can have a professional paint your home’s exterior or interior to quickly transform the look of your home.

Having trouble deciding on an exterior paint color? You may want to stick with a pale yellow, as homes that have been painted this color have a tendency to sell more quickly.

Why? Because yellow is generally viewed as inspirational and optimistic. When people look at yellow, they feel joyful and feel that brighter days are ahead.

2. Build a Deck

A deck is more than just a place where you can enjoy being outdoors and hosting barbecues with family and friends. Buyers view decks as places that extend their living spaces.

For the best results, you should use rustic, natural wood for your deck. You’re more likely to recoup more of your costs with a wooden deck versus a composite or concrete one.

3. Replace Your Windows

Let’s say you don’t have to go outside to feel cool, blustery weather, as the weather shows up right in your home’s living room.

This is a sign that your windows need replacing — and right away.

With your current windows, you’re unfortunately losing valuable heat. Not only can this decrease your level of comfort but also it’ll drive up your utility bill.

By installing windows that are energy efficient, you eliminate draft and thus make your residence feel warmer. And on top of this, you can expect to get a major return on your installation of aluminum-clad or vinyl windows.

4. Do Some Landscaping

Your home’s front yard is the first area of your house that people see. Therefore, it only makes sense to improve it.

Fortunately, enhancing your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply plant some petunias, or surround the house with a beautiful hedge. For the most bang for your buck, purchase perennials to plant, as they come back every year.

Also, feel free to plant trees, as they look beautiful and help to do the following at your property:

  • Prevent erosion
  • Decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide
  • Block stormwater runoff
  • Filter the pollutants present in groundwater

Established trees can also drive up the value of your home, thus helping it to sell at a higher price tag.

A great tree species option is a live oak or the Colorado blue spruce, which you can find just about anywhere in the United States. These trees grow 1-2 feet per year.

5. Fix Your Basement

You’ve got a basement, but are you using it to its full potential?

Few things are worse than having a basement with a damp smell. Home buyers may be afraid to purchase your home for fear that they’ll face water issues in the future.

So, if excess moisture, flooding or leaks are problems you encounter with your basement, call a professional to address these problems immediately.

You could improve your basement by adding insulation, drywall, and laminate flooring. Even a brand-new bathroom can quickly add value to this space.

Just make sure that your new basement’s quality is proportional to that of other parts of your house. With the right materials, you can easily gain back half or all of the money you put into your basement remodel.

6. Update Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the best areas of your home to upgrade, as you can easily net most of the cost of remodeling the kitchen when you sell your home.

Try to stick with fixtures that are high in quality, such as granite countertops or even quartz countertops (learn more here about the benefits of quartz).

Also, consider installing appliances made with stainless steel. However, if you have a relatively small home, avoid purchasing high-end appliances, as you likely won’t get this money back.

7. Modify Your Bathroom

If you choose to fix up your bathroom, you can expect to get a majority of your bathroom remodel investment back down the road as well.

However, try to avoid trendy decor. Instead, stick with classic features, such as subway tiles that are off-white. These will attract home buyers with both contemporary and traditional tastes.

8. Add a Swimming Pool

This can be a smart move if you live in a part of the United States that becomes exceptionally hot, like Florida and Arizona.

However, if you reside in a more temperate area, home buyers may not want to bother with a home featuring a pool. After all, pools can be a lot of work to maintain, and it may not be worth it if you can’t use the pool for most of the year. Plus, pools often come with higher insurance costs and safety concerns.

Still, if you’d like a pool for your own personal enjoyment — even in a temperate area — then feel free to install one. The higher quality of life you may experience with it would make it well worth it.

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