10 Reasons to Travel (And Get Out of Your Dental Office!)

reasons to travel

Do you dream of traveling around the world? This dream may seem unrealistic for many people.

Especially dentists; because of the demand for dental health and cosmetic procedures, everyone in the dentistry profession works lots of hours.

But it’s still important to take time off to travel. Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone and plunges you into worlds you never thought you would see before.

Even if you don’t make it around the globe, visiting different countries and learning about different cultures is an incredible experience.

Here are 10 reasons to travel and why leaving your dental office is worth it.

1. Traveling is Easy

Contrary to popular belief, traveling is easy. The internet makes reserving flights and hotels a piece of cake. You can keep tabs of your travel expenses, making budgeting easy.

With so many online travel guides, articles, and these travel tips, planning your activities is a piece of cake.

With map apps and rideshare services, getting around different countries is also easy. Even if you don’t speak the country’s language, communicating via phone helps the translation process.

2. Traveling Opens Your Eyes

You truly don’t know the world until you’ve seen the world. Traveling makes you a well-rounded person.

You enter a place you’re unfamiliar with. When you’re in another country, you don’t understand their culture and you don’t speak the language.

You’re a lot more appreciative of people, customs, and life as a whole.

This is the best part about traveling. Traveling opens your mind. You understand the world better, and ultimately you understand yourself better.

3. You Learn Who You Are

Emphasizing this last statement, traveling makes you learn a lot about yourself. Getting out of your comfort zone creates strength. You challenge yourself by speaking new languages and getting around in an unfamiliar area.

You go outside of the norm by visiting off-the-beaten-path areas rather than the tourist destinations. You may also discover hobbies and interests you never expected.

4. Creates Meaningful Relationships

Travel brings you closer to others. Ideally, you’ll have a travel partner. Whether your partner is your significant other, a family member or a friend, you’ll feel closer to them. If you travel alone, you’ll also meet a myriad of friends.

Social media helps you stay in contact with your long-distance friends, and you can visit them again and create new adventures.

5. You Develop New Skills and Knowledge

Certain skills and knowledge you can’t develop until you’ve traveled. The only way you learn this kind of knowledge is by traveling extensively.

Sometimes, you can conquer life goals and bucket list items such as climbing a mountain. Learning a language is also easier while you’re in another country.

6. You’ll Learn New Languages

One of the most amazing aspects of traveling is learning the language. Visiting a country where everyone speaks your language is convenient. But even learning a little bit of a different language will benefit you.

For example, most signs and announcements are in a country’s native language.

As you spend more time in a country, you’ll learn certain words and phrases.

Food and beverages are also a great way to learn a new language while in a different country. Read different menu items. You’ll learn basic grammar, common foods, and learn about the country’s cuisine.

7. You’ll Have Adventures

The knowledgeable and culture-enriching travel aspects are beneficial, but nothing compares to adventure.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, there are plenty of zip-lining and bungee jumping opportunities all over the world. Or if you’re a relaxed traveler, you’ll have plenty of fun taking long walks and exploring different places.

And then there are traditional adventures everyone should have. These include going on a safari in Tanzania or admiring the technology in Tokyo.

8. Travel is Great When You’re Stuck

Are you getting divorced? Do you feel alone now that the kids are grown up? If you find yourself stuck or in a rut, travel is a great way to get yourself back out there.

Travel is a dividing point between major life changes. Travel can also be the catalyst to encourage you to change. Travel helps you reflect where you were and helps you understand where you want to go.

9. Travel Makes Life Interesting

Let’s face it, working at a dentist’s office can be boring.

You love your job and love the opportunity to better lives with oral health. But doing the same procedures can get tiring and boring. When you incorporate travel into your life, your life becomes a lot more interesting.

When you expect a trip, your work life is better. When you come home from a trip, your work life is better. Overall, your mental state and outlook on life improve with travel.

10. Traveling Makes Dreams Come True

Did you imagine what London is like? Did you daydream about camping at a music festival? Did you envision what Icelandic volcanos look like? Don’t imagine and dream it — experience it.

Traveling makes any dreams come true. The hardest part about traveling is taking the first step in planning your trip. Anyone can accomplish their traveling goals. A plane ticket is all you need.

Now You Know the Reasons to Travel

There are much more than 10 reasons to travel. Everyone can take something special away from each trip.

From stories and memories to souvenirs and new knowledge, traveling is a beautiful experience. You can cross off items on your bucket list and accomplish goals you never dreamed you would.

What are you waiting for? Book that plane ticket and begin your adventure! You know you deserve a break from your dental office.

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