8 Creative Date Night Ideas That’ll Spice Up Your Evening

date night ideas

As a dentist, you work long, hard hours, week in and week out. In addition to running your practice, you have a home and other responsibilities to take care of.

So, once you get some downtime, you probably look very forward to date night. But did you know that there is more to date night than going out and spending some needed quality time together?

When most people think of dates, they think of the classic, go-to choices like going to a restaurant or to a movie. But what if you and your partner are looking to spice up date night by doing something a little out of the ordinary?

There are lots of creative date night ideas that are sure to bring you and your partner closer. Read on to learn about the 10 most creative ideas for date night and get ready to call a babysitter!

1. Live Music Night

Do you and your partner enjoy the same type of music?

Going to live music shows isn’t the most unique of ideas for date night. However, listening to live shows can make the perfect date for couples who love music.

While at a concert, don’t just tune out to the music. Sit or stand somewhere you’ll be able to comfortably converse about the music and the crowd.

You can still enjoy live music even if your favorite bands aren’t in town. Check out the calendars of the local music venues. If it’s summertime, be sure to check out any live music happening outdoors, as well.

2. Bookstore Date

If you and your partner love to read, make going to the bookstore your next date. Browse around the store together and read the summaries of books together.

If anything peaks both of your interests, you can each buy your own copy. That way, you and your partner can read the same book together and have lots to talk about.

Even if you can’t decide on a book to read simultaneously, the bookstore is still an interesting place to get ideas. Going to the bookstore is a great place to start if you’re looking to travel together, for example. Some libraries may stay open late, so you could also try browsing there.

3. Game & Puzzle Night

When was the last time you played a board game, and with your partner for that matter? If you’re looking for low-key date night ideas, games make for an entertaining and relaxing time.

You don’t need to stick with the classic choices, either. New board games and puzzles come out every year. And nowadays, you can find games that tie in popular TV shows and sports, as well. Or, when in doubt, pull out a classic deck of cards!

Who knows? You and your partner may develop quite the habit of staying in for game night! Grab some wine and snacks and enjoy each other’s company as you explore a new game together.

4. Comedy Night

Looking for other low-key ideas for date night? Instead of playing games, you and your partner could delve into some good old fashioned Mad Libs.

Most of us remember Mad Libs from our childhood. The word/phrasal template game has been around for decades, but they haven’t lost their touch.

The choices in Mad Libs books are endless. There’s even a Mad Libs app if you want to save paper. Either way, you’re guaranteed to crack each other up, which will bring you two closer.

Want to take the hilarity to the next level? Check out which comedy clubs or stand-up open mics are going on in your area!

5. Cooking Night

Doing activities that require teamwork makes for strong bonding. What better way to bond than to cook together?

First, decide on a cuisine you’d both like to try cooking. Then, research and choose a couple of recipes to try. Choose recipes that you’ve never tried cooking before so you can both work through the challenge together.

Rather than spend the money at a restaurant, spend it on the ingredients and even some new cooking supplies. Or, you could spend the money on taking a cooking class together. You may be able to find some cooking classes for couples in your area.

6. Plan a Vacation

Do you and your partner talk about traveling together but can never seem to solidify the plans? Then make your next date night all about booking your next vacation.

Pick a night you want to stay in with some takeout food and wine. Then, pull up a laptop and research and plan together.

Browse different places to lodge and discuss your options in transportation. Additionally, you’ll want to explore the types of activities and places to visit in your destination. You could also browse vacation packages or cruises if that interests you.

You could even book your vacation around the ADA Annual Meeting. In 2018, the event will take place in Oahu, Hawaii. Bring your partner, meet fellow dentists, and enjoy the beaches and relaxing atmosphere!

7. Escape Room

Do you and your partner love seeking thrills and new challenges? If so, then you need to try an escape room together!

Escape rooms have grown into one of the most popular forms of entertainment in recent memory. The concept involves putting people into a room filled with clues on how to escape it. It entails teamwork, bonding, and loads of fun.

Not all escape rooms are the same. Research which ones are available in your area. You can also read more here about reasons to try an escape room.

8. Go Dancing

If you and your partner love to dance, make your next date night all about it. Whether you go to a club or play your own music, you’re bound to have a fun-filled time.

You could also attend a dance class together. Talk to your partner about which style of partner dancing interests them the most.

Liven Up Your Evening with Date Night Ideas

Bonding with your significant other is important for keeping the romance alive.

As a dentist, you may find it’s hard to make the time for date night. But with creative date night ideas, you and your partner will not only look forward to them. You’ll grow closer together, as well.

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