9 Amazing Things You Can Do Once You Retire From Dentistry

things to do when you retire

So your days of caring for other people’s teeth are finally over, and it’s time to hang up your scrubs.

While retirement is the goal we all strive for, many people find that once they reach retirement, they find themselves looking for something to do.

No alarm clock, no traffic, no 9 to 5 and no commute may sound like a dream come true for a dentist at first. But many people find that after a while, without anything to occupy their time, they get bored and restless.

As a dentist, you’re busy all day long. Therefore, it’s highly likely that you could become one of those people who begins to loathe their days in retirement.

However, there are plenty of productive, fun ways to spend your days in retirement.

Read on to learn about the top things to do when you retire.

1. Travel

As a dentist, you probably only got a couple of weeks off per year for a vacation.

Therefore, you likely still have many items on your travel bucket list that need ticking off!

Exploring the world is one of the best things you can do for your well-being. If you’re still in good physical condition, you can explore the deep reaches of Asia or Africa. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed, you can take a cruise or head to the beach. If you’re just looking to wine and dine, you can even take a foodie vacation.

Worried your retirement funds won’t be able to cover exotic travels? Don’t. There are plenty of ways you can travel on the cheap and still have a great time.

2. Classes

Remember how you always wanted to learn French, but never got around to it?

Well, your retirement years are perfect for learning something you’ve always wanted to. You can learn everything from a foreign language to a musical instrument to a new sport, like golf.

Or, you can really hit the books hard and go back to school. Chances are, your schedule was pretty math and science heavy when you were studying to be a dentist. Now is the time to go back and take that literature or psychology class you were always interested in. And, there are many classes you can audit so you don’t have to pay high tuition fees (just don’t tell that to your younger classmates!).

3. Be a Campground Host

If you are one of those retirees who plan to spend time exploring the country via RV, then working as a campground host might be something you’re interested in.

This is a job many retirees do during their RV travels. Basically, in exchange for free camping, you’ll help the park managers with tours like leading nature walks, cleaning up campsites, and collecting fees, and offering a warm welcome to other campers.

Many retirees do this job for fun, while others do it to help stretch their retirement dollars. Either way, if you’re a people person and an outdoors person, you’ll for sure love it.

4. Get Involved in Charity Work

Your retirement can be a great time to give back.

Maybe in your working years, you were already involved in a charity. Well, now is the time to get more deeply entrenched.

And, the good news is there are so many charities out there, and they always need help. You can even pick charities based on your interests. For example, here is a list of dental charities you can get involved in.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little more involved, you could always look into joining the Peace Corp. There is no age limit on applicants, and this can be a tremendous life experience!

5. Set Up Playdates with Your Grandkids

If you have grandkids, you likely didn’t get to see them as much as you would have liked during your working years.

Well, your retirement years are the perfect opportunity to form a closer bond with them. With all the extra time you’ll have, you can even make separate playdates with your grandkids in order to help you get better acquainted with each one.

Check your local area to see if it has a Grandparents University as well. This is a program that puts elders and kiddos in the same class to explore cool subjects like astronomy.

6. Start a New Hobby

Between working and kids, you likely didn’t have a lot of time previously to explore your hobbies.

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to delve more deeply into a hobby you already have, or, to pick up a new one. Some hobbies you may want to consider include photography, musical instruments, gardening, woodworking, or crafting.

If you become good at your hobby, you can even look into starting a mini business and selling your products or services.

7. Learn to Cook All Over Again

Sure, you’ve been cooking for most of your life, but have you ever thought about learning to cook all over again?

There’s a good chance that in your working years, you rotated in and out the same meals. Retirement is a great opportunity to learn to cook other cuisines, maybe even some you’ve never tasted.

You could try your hand at French, Thai, Indian, Peruvian, really whatever you want!

8. Renew Old Friendships

Chances are, you were so busy during your working years as a dentist, you lost touch with some valuable friends.

Retirement is the perfect time to reach out to these people and form a closer bond. Hop on Facebook and reach out to old pals you lost touch with. Likely, some will respond, and some won’t. No worry.

Even restoring one valuable friendship can make all the difference.

9. Get Up and Move!

Last but not least, move!

It can be easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle during your retirement years. However, retirement is the perfect opportunity to kick your butt back into shape.

Exercising can do all sorts of good for your body. It can help lower your blood pressure, manage your blood sugar, and manage pain and fatigue. It can even help improve your mental well-being.

You can join a gym, or you can find one of the many great senior citizens workout classes available in your area.

So Many Things to Do When You Retire!

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do when you retire.

If, however, you still have a few years of work left as a dentist, then be sure to check out our blog. We’ve got plenty of tips to make your dental practice amazing in your golden years!