Everything You Need to Know About Going on a Dental Vacation

dental vacation

Regular teeth cleaning in America can cost you up to $140 dollars whereas, in Mexico, you can get the same procedure done for only $35. This is why many are turning to dental vacations to get their teeth worked on for less and take a mini vacation while they’re at it.

Mexico isn’t the only country where you can get dental work done cheaper. In fact, this craze has caught on so much that many countries are offering dental packages for those who come to get work done.

So, if your dental bill has you crying, keep reading to find out more about dental vacations and see if taking one would be a good idea for you.

1. What is a Dental Vacation

Taking a dental vacation is exactly as it sounds. You go to another country to save money on dental work while also getting a chance to see a country that you may not have otherwise.

The biggest con with this is that sometimes treatments take multiple visits so you either have to stay until the work is completely done or drive back. Between the drive and the lodging, you still save money in the long run though.

Common Procedures

The typical American isn’t going to go on a dental vacation for just a little tooth cleaning. More times than not, you’re going to go in for bigger things such as a dental crown.

Other popular procedures are dental bridges, root canals, and dental veneer. These surgeries usually cost thousands in the US vs their cost in other countries

2. Best Countries for a Dental Vacation

Again, Mexico isn’t the only place that you can go for a dental vacation. You can benefit from getting dental work done in any of these countries.


Mexico is probably the most popular spot to go because it touches the US border so it’s cheaper to fly or drive there, depending on what you choose to do. You’ll also find a lot of US trained dentists there so it’s about the same service just a lot cheaper.


Thailand is a little further away so it’s more expensive to get there. Even so, it’s such a popular place for dental vacations that many of their dentists are trained to handle foreign customers.


Hungary is a popular spot for dental vacations because the scenery there is so beautiful. On top of the beautiful scenery, dental procedures are cheap and you’ll have plenty of great dentists available to you.


Romania is even cheaper than Hungary when it comes to dental work. Romania is also the cheapest option that you’ll find in the West. Despite the affordability, the quality of the dental work you’ll receive isn’t cheap.

Costa Rica

While Mexico is one of the most popular options for a dental vacation, Costa Rica is actually preferred over it. You’ll save a ton of money and all of their dentists are top notch.

They are also equipped with the latest in dental technology.

All of their practices meet international standards and Costa Rica is simply a beautiful place to visit.

3. Packages

Due to the fact that dental vacations are growing in popularity, many of these countries are offering dental packages to foreigners. You could get a total smile makeover.

In some cases, there are packages that help with the cost of lodgings and travel. Want to learn about packages? See page.

4. How to Plan a Dental Vacation

Obviously, you’re going to put a little thought into your dental vacation and not just go where the wind takes you. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Stay Close to Home

Fairly often, you don’t get all of your dental work done in one trip to the dentist’s office. So it’s best to pick a destination that’s close to keep the entire process as cheap as possible.

This is the biggest reason why most American’s choose Mexico for their spot. It’s closer than most of the other destinations on the list above so travel costs aren’t too bad.

Do a Little Research

After you’ve picked a spot, you’ll need to do a little research to find a dentist that you’ll trust with your smile. The best way to get a feel for them is to look up reviews online.

When you find one with good reviews you want to call them to not only set up the appointment but ask them any questions that you have as well. Make sure you ask your questions before you make the appointment just in case you feel like you need to change your mind after speaking to them.

Don’t Get Anything You Don’t Need

Dental clinics who attract a lot of American patients may have you speak with a secondary one that speaks more English. This secondary dentist might try and sell you work and procedures that you don’t actually need. You don’t want to fall into this trap.

Go in knowing what you need and stick to your guns by making your appointment for only the things that you need.

Show Your Teeth a Little TLC for Less by Planning a Dental Vacation

Many Americans all over the US can’t afford their dental bills or just go without because of the expense. It doesn’t have to be this way. Consider taking a dental vacation for a cheaper and more interesting way to take care of your smile.

Taking your whole family along for a dental vacation? Keep reading for a few safety tips.