Is Homeschooling Better? The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling Your Kids

is homeschooling better

Ensuring your child is given the best education possible sometimes feels impossible. One advantage is that you have more options than ever before.

There are magnet schools, private schools, and public schools. But for each of those choices, the parents have less say in what course material is covered. And if your child has any special needs, it’s often more difficult to find a school that can handle those needs.

Which is why over 1.7 million kids are currently being homeschooled. Many parents are beginning to ask, “Is homeschooling better?” We thought we’d try to answer that question.

Keep reading to learn if homeschooling is a choice you should make for your child.

Is Homeschooling Better? Let’s Take a Look at the Cons

Some parents ask, “Why is homeschooling good”? They ask that question because most parents didn’t go to college to become a teacher. They also ask that question because, by law, all teachers in the public school system must obtain a license or certificate.

But that’s not the only thing you, as the parent may not possess. One con is that you’ll have to learn how to homeschool your child. If you don’t have extra time to focus on your child’s education, this may not be a good choice for you.

It’s a Huge Time and Financial Commitment

You’ll also have to create a lesson plan for each school day. And you’ll need a lesson plan for each subject you plan on teaching your child. This also means you’ll need to understand and be able to share that information with your child in a way he or she can comprehend.

That means learning subjects you may have hated when you were in school. Otherwise, there’s a good chance your child won’t have a well-rounded education.

If you have children of different ages and/or capabilities, this means dividing your time between all your children equally. This isn’t a job for people who can’t manage time well or are disorganized.

It’s also a financial commitment. Public schools are free. Homeschooling costs money. if you can’t afford to quit your job to devote time to your children and finance their education, homeschooling won’t work for you.

You’ll Need Outside Sources to Round Out Their Education

Don’t forget you’ll need to schedule exams, field trips, and lab experiments so your child can learn properly. Then there are the social and extracurricular activities you’re now solely responsible for organizing.

You’ll need to make plans to ensure your child is socialized properly. That means going out of your way to find situations where your child can interact with children his or her age.

The Social Stigma Can Affect the Whole Family

Not everyone understands the benefits of homeschooling. You’re highly likely to have friends, family, and even random strangers weighing in on your decision to homeschool your child.

Your child may have to deal with other kids thinking they’re “weird” for being homeschooled. If you’re not prepared for the social stigma of going against the grain, you may want to look into other schooling options.

Why Homeschooling is a Good Choice

Why homeschool? Well, for starters, you’ll always be in control of your child’s education. That means you know your child will get to study whatever language they want because you can offer it to them.

There’s Tons of Online Support

Your curriculum can be easily found on the internet. In fact, you’ll find tons of support online to help you figure out how to become a great teacher to your child. You’ll learn how to manage your time and you’ll meet others like you who are homeschooling their children and can offer you support and advice.

To start learning how to homeschool your child, read more here.

You and your spouse may find you grow closer together as you work as a team to plan your child’s educational future.

You Go at Your Own Pace

If your child is gifted, they may feel bored and unchallenged in a public school. Homeschooling allows them to go at whatever pace they’re comfortable with. If they’re ready for a college-level course, you can offer your child that education without having to jump through hoops.

And if your child is struggling with any type of disability, homeschooling is beneficial. You can spend as much time and focus on helping your child achieve their goals at their own pace. That means, no kid ever feels left behind or stupid because they can’t keep up with the rest of the class.

Your Education, Your Choice

Your children also benefit from getting to choose exactly what they want to study. That means they get the opportunity to pursue subject matters they’re actually interested in rather than being forced to learn something they hate.

Your child also gets to pick and choose who their friends are based on their interests rather than just because the kids are in the same school. And there are tons of extra-curricular activities that have nothing to do with school.

In fact, they might find their friends are jealous of the type of education your child is receiving. And you’ll never have to worry about your kid missing the bus or playing hooky.

A Bully-Free Zone

Homeschooling also means your child avoids much of the bullying that occurs in public and private schools. There are no uniforms to make fun of. No teacher can ever make your child feel stupid.

No child can steal their lunch money, push them down, or tell them they’re useless. You also don’t have to worry about teachers and administrators who are overworked, exhausted or just don’t care.

Then there’s the bond that you and your child form as you learn and grow together. You can set your own schedule, teach wherever you want to, and open up a whole world to your child.

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