Just Working on My Fitness: Simple Exercises for People With No Time to Spare

simple exercises

Did you know that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death?

After all, around 610,000 people die in the United States alone, and more than half of these deaths are in men.

The unfortunate reality is that It’s not easy to balance work and exercising to stay healthy. You don’t always have the time to do simple exercises when work consumes more than 40 hours of your week. You can pack your gym essentials but it’s often hard to find the time to actually go to the gym.

It’s also normal for your body not to become motivated to do something when first waking up.

You can fight these problems and get some exercises done despite a busy schedule. If you want to start exercising, you need to learn these quick workout routines!

1. Hollow Body Hold

This workout needs you to lie faceup with both of your arms on your sides. Extend your legs straight and engage your abs while you try lifting your shoulder blades and your legs off the floor.

Make sure that your lower back stays pressed into the mat since it’s more challenging if you bring your legs closer to the floor. Do this for at least a minute every set and get some rest before continuing.

2. Single-Leg Glute Bridge

This is an exercise that can help your abdomen get into shape. Lie face up on the mat with your knees bending while your feet should be at shoulder-width apart or you risk getting into a bad posture.

Extend your left leg out straight and press into your right heel. This helps you lift your hips straight up off your mat. Always remember to keep your knees in line and engage your glutes whenever you lift.

Make sure that you lower it down in a slow, deliberate motion. This helps create your own means of resistance. Repeat it on the other side to make sure it’s balanced.

3. Reverse Oblique Crunch

Start it out by sitting on your mat. Extend your legs out at your front while putting your hands on the mat surface behind you. Take a slight leap onto your fingertips for balance while lifting your legs around 2″ off the mat.

Always keep your core tight while shifting your weight onto your right hip. Twist your waist so your bent knees move towards your chest. Extend back out but ensure that your legs don’t drop to the mat.

Before long, you’ll feel the burn in your side abs. Twist to the other side and repeat the process while alternating. Do this in short bursts and take rests in between sets.

You can try reading this article made by Nathan DeMetz Personal Training if you want to do hip hinges instead.

4. Plank with Knee Tap

You can start off with a high plank position, with your hands under your shoulders while the latter is in-line with your hips. Engage your core to make sure that your entire torso stays still. Draw your right knee to your chest and lift your left hand to tap it.

After that, you need to do the opposite. Draw your left knee towards your chest and lift your right hand to tap it. Continue alternating at a rapid pace while ensuring that you don’t shift weight or lose your form.

5. Double Leg Lift

Lie on the mat face up and extend your legs towards the ceiling. The right form you’re going for should be a 90-degree angle, with your arms staying by your sides. After that, lower your legs down to the mat as low as you can.

Make sure that your lower back remains pressed to the mat and your core is engaged. The lower you go, the more difficult it will become to lift it up again. Your lower back shouldn’t pop up off the mat at any costs.

As soon as you lift your legs up, you should return to your starting position. Repeat it until you get the required number of reps per set.

6. Squat

This is a popular 15-minute morning workout. Make sure to stand with your feet positioned a little wider than your hip’s width. Your hips should stay stacked over your knees while the latter should do the same for your ankles.

Keep your chest lifted while lowering it to at least a 90-degree angle. If you need balance, you can lift your arms out at your front. Rise and repeat the steps until you get the proper number of reps.

7. Lateral Lunge with Knee Dive

Start this exercise by having your arms at your side while your feet are together. Make a giant step leftwards with your left foot and send your hips back. Bend your left knee while your right leg remains straight.

Do these as you bring your palms together at your chest’s front while you keep lifting your chest and engaging your abs. Press your left foot to shift your weight onto your right leg, allowing you to reverse the momentum.

While doing this, you need to draw your left knee to your chest. Repeat the steps after returning to the lunge position. You can do this for both sides of your body to ensure balance.

8. Inchworm Push-up

Start this exercise by standing with your feet apart at shoulder-width. Hinge at your hips to help you bend over and touch the floor using your hands. Walk hands out to assume a high plank posture.

Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor while keeping it as close to your sides as you can. Push yourself back up and walk with your hands back toward your feet. Repeat until you get the right number of reps.

Learn Simple Exercises Today!

In today’s world, most people get too busy to pay attention to physical fitness, so if you want to stay fit, you need to do a simple workout routine at home.

This can help you avoid diseases like heart problems and hypertension. You’ll also gain more motivation to work and try out new things.

Do you want more simple exercises and other health tips to become fitter? Check out this post and discover the positive effects of doing daily yoga in your life.