Look Professional: How to Get the Perfect Shave Every Time

perfect shave

A man will shave his face 20,000 times during his lifetime. That works out to about five months of his life!

But even though this task gets repeated so often, many men aren’t doing it right. That’s why so many get red bumps, razor burn, ingrown hair, or cuts.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to get a perfect shave, each time. Read on to learn how to shave perfectly once and for all.

Feel Your Stubble

Before you pick up your razor, take a few moments to feel your face. This is an important step to figure out which way your hair is growing.

Rub your fingers up your face, if it feels smooth, then you’re moving with the grain of the hair. If it feels rough, you are moving against the hair grain.

Shaving with the grain means moving your razor in the same direction as the hair growth. Shaving against the grain means that you go the opposite way from the hair growth.

While this does give you a closer shave, it is a surefire way to suffer from red, ingrown hair bumps on your face.

And yes, fellas, people notice them on your face. Are you a bachelor dentist looking to start dating? Check out these three ways you can break out into the dating scene.

For most men, shaving with the grain means moving the razor down your face and up your neck. Yet, it could be different for your face. So go ahead and have a feel before you get started.

Wash Your Face

It’s important that you wash your face before you shave. Your face gets exposed to a wide range of bacterias, dirt, and germs. When you shave, your pores open.

You don’t want this bacteria to get into your pores and under the top surface of your skin. When bacteria gets in, the result is acne or skin irritation.

Use a face wash, not just hand soap. You face is a lot more delicate than your hands. It also requires more moisture.

A simple face wash that cleans your face without drying it out is all you need.

Warm Up Your Face

If you shave in the sink, you should first wet a face towel with hot water and wring it out. Then apply it your face and neck for at least half a minute.

If you shave in the shower, make sure the water is hot and wash your hair and body before you shave. This gives your face enough time to warm up in the shower before shaving.

This is an important step in opening up your pores and cutting the hairs without causing skin irritation. Plus, the warm towel feels wonderful on your skin. After all, if they give you a hot towel on planes in first class, it must be good, right?

Use Shaving Cream for the Perfect Shave

Don’t use soap or attempt to shave without any lather. Shaving cream or shaving gel is more than a marketing ploy. It actually lubricates the cutting process and desensitizes your skin for less irritation.

This is especially important for those of you with sensitive skin. Get more information about shaving when you have sensitive skin.

Shave using short strokes in the direction of your hair growth. Don’t go over an area more than once.

Apply gentle, consistent pressure. The sharp blades will do most of the work, you don’t need to scrape your skin with the blade.

Rinse the Razor After Every Few Passes

While you shave, make sure you rinse off your razor blades often. This takes off the shaving cream, hair, and skin that builds up in between the blades.

Don’t be tempted to tap the razor against the sink edge. This bad habit can actually damage the various parts of your blade. Instead, run the razor under the faucet or swirl it around in water you’ve collected in the sink.

How to Shave Under and Around Your Nose

Shaving around and under your nose can be tricky. Even though we said never to go over an area twice, this is the one exception.

Here’s how to get the best shave around your nose:

First, curl your top lip under your teeth to tighten the skin over your lip. Then, shave downward starting at the base of your nose until the edge of your lip.

Then, turn the razor sideways and shave outwards towards the sides starting in the middle of your upper lip. Go left once and right once.

Then, curl your lip again over your teeth and shave upward toward your nose. This will ensure that you get all those stubborn hairs that grow in wonky directions.

You might have to look closely in the mirror for any stragglers. If you see any stray hairs, use a trimmer to get those hard to reach spots like under each nostril. Many razors have a trimmer edge on the back of the razor.

Close Your Pores

Great! You’ve shaved your entire face carefully.

Now splash your face with cold water. Be sure to get the areas that are prone to irritation on your face.

Cold water does the opposite of what the hot towel did before you shaved. It closes your pores to prevent dirt from getting into the deeper layers of your skin.

Hydrate Your Skin

If you’ve ever felt like your face was tight after shaving, you need a moisturizing cream or lotion after you shave.

Even if your skin is not dry after a shave, you should apply an aftershave balm that protects your skin and adds in some moisture.

Read the ingredient label and stay away from anything that has alcohol in it. You don’t want anything that will dry your skin out.

Aloe Vera is an excellent ingredient to look for because it’s a natural ingredient that soothes skin irritation and reduces redness or bumps.

Final Thoughts on the Perfect Shave

You’ve done it! You learned how to get a perfect shave every time.

Remember, a good shave shows your professionalism and attention to detail. It instills respect and confidence in your patients and ensures a good fit for your mask.

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