Stay Energized and Fight Fatigue Naturally with These 3 Vitamins

vitamins for energy

Around 45% of Americans who sleep 7 to 8 hours each night report feeling fatigued up to 3 times per week. Taking vitamins for energy can fix your fatigue problems.

Nearly 27% of people wake up feeling fatigued 4 or more days of the week. Life is too short to spend it tired and low in energy.

Put the jump back into your step with these 3 vitamins.

1. Vitamins For Energy: Vitamin B12

Out of all vitamins and supplements, vitamin B12 is one of the best supplements for energy you’ll ever take.

Like other B vitamins, vitamin B12 turns your food into energy your cells can use. Not only does this vitamin help you maintain healthy blood cells and nerves, but it also prevents anemia. Fatigue is one of anemia’s symptoms.

Usually, vitamin B12 supplements contain cyanocobalamin or hydroxocobalamin, but your body can’t directly metabolize these substances. Before that, the B12 has to turn them into an active form such as methylcobalamin. That’s why methylcobalamin B12 supplements are easier for your body to metabolize.

B12 is also linked with weight loss.

Vitamin B12 deficiencies are so common, most people with the deficiency don’t know they have it. This happens when your body either isn’t getting enough B12 or correctly absorbing the vitamin.

B12 naturally occurs in animal products like meat, dairy, and fish. Although anyone can suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency, vegans, older adults, and people with GI disorders are at a higher risk of developing it.

2. Iron

Iron is another one of the best supplements you can take to fight fatigue. An iron deficiency is called “anemia” and it zaps your energy away. Iron has a role in making energy from nutrients.

Your body needs iron to make hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein that transports oxygen from your lungs to the organs and tissues in your body. Without enough oxygen being sent to the rest of your body, you develop anemia.

Meat and seafood are the richest sources of iron, but not everyone can eat those things. Women lose iron every time they lose blood through menstruation. Pregnant women need twice as much iron to support fetal growth.

Exercising a lot also increases your risk of developing anemia.

On the flip side, there are dangers associated with consuming too much iron. Consult your doctor before taking an iron supplement.

3. Niacin (Vitamin B3)

If you’re looking for natural energy supplements, you can’t skip niacin.

Niacin increases your energy on a cellular level. It’s an antioxidant that energizes your body.

Niacin converts food into energy by strengthening enzymes. This vitamin is an essential component of NAD and NADP, 2 coenzymes that are related to cellular metabolism.

Having healthy levels of niacin will not only energize you. It will also boost your brain’s functioning, lower your cholesterol, improve your skin’s functioning, and more.

Don’t take too much or else you might experience “the niacin flush” (a rash) or other negative side effects.

Energize Yourself With Vitamins

Up to 6,000 car accidents happen every year due to driving while fatigued. Taking quality vitamins for energy can save your life.

Around 97 percent of Americans have at least one of the top risk factors for fatigue, including working at night or in the early morning, working long shifts without taking breaks, and working over 50 hours per week. Don’t become a statistic. Reclaim your life now with energy supplements.

Empower yourself and investigate the world of health. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.