The 6 Best Hobbies to Help You De-Stress From the Office

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Are you having a hard time unwinding after work? Do you have trouble leaving work at the office, and find yourself anxious and worried long after you’ve left?

If you’re feeling stressed after a day at your practice, you aren’t alone. According to a study from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40% of workers said their job was very or extremely stressful.

Stress may be a common problem, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a serious one. Over time stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

A fun hobby could be what you need to unwind after a long day at work. Hobbies are an excellent way to explore your interests and spend time on something important that isn’t your 9 to 5.

If you want to know the best hobbies for handling stress, you’ve come to the right place.

The Six Best Hobbies For Stress

It isn’t uncommon for dentists to feel stressed at work. That’s why many try to have fulfilling hobbies outside of work that can help them have fun and unwind.

If you pick a hobby that you’re truly interested in, nearly anything can help you de-stress. Pursuing something you’re passionate about could be just what you need to unwind and focus after work.

There are some hobbies people believe are best for relieving stress. When you’re trying to unwind after work, consider any of these stress-busting hobbies.

1. Journaling

Whether you’re an amateur author or a professional writer, writing can be a cathartic and relaxing hobby. Writing gives you the ability to express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions in a safe and personal place.

Coming home and writing about your day could be what you need to relax and get rid of work stress.

Some people choose to write down things they’ve accomplished during the day. Writing down small daily achievements can help reduce feelings of stress. You’ll see how productive you are and how hard you’ve been working.

Others like to fill their journal with things that are bothering them or stressing them out. You may find that writing things out can give you a sense of a release and allow you to stop dwelling on negative feelings.

You may even find that creative writing is the best way for you to unwind. Your journal could contain ideas for movies or the beginnings of a novel you want to write.

2. Puzzling

Dentists tend to have very analytical minds that can be tough to “shut off” after a long day at work. Instead of focusing on problems at the office, spend time-solving puzzles.

Puzzles are a great way to unwind and to put your focus on something else. Solving puzzles can require a lot of attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and concentration. It’s the ideal way to unwind when you’re mind is racing from stress.

When we talk about puzzling, we don’t just mean jigsaw puzzles. Traditional puzzles may not be your thing, but other puzzles and brain teasers could be just what you need.

Do you consider yourself a numbers person? Consider spending your night unwinding with sudoku.

Do you have an Xbox, PS4, or other gaming system? There are a lot of fun puzzle and logic video games that you can play to unwind.

3. Gardening

People have mixed views on why gardening can help relieve stress. Some believe that being out in the sunshine can help improve your mood. Others believe that gardening is a great way to get back to nature and get away from common stressors.

Either way, gardening can be one of the best hobbies to take up if you’re feeling stressed.

You don’t need a lot of space to reap the benefits of gardening. Simply tending to a few plants on your windowsill at home can be enough to help you de-stress.

If you do plan on transforming an area of your yard into a garden, be sure to pick plants that will do well in your climate. Pick some low maintenance plants that won’t require a lot of care but can help you learn the basics of gardening.

4. Home Brewing

It’s estimated that there are over 1 million home brewers in the United States. Some people choose the hobby of home brewing because they love beer, but others homebrew because they find it relaxing.

Homebrewing requires time, a meticulous mind, and creativity. Many people find pleasure in mixing different ingredients to create new flavors. Others take pleasure in being able to make one of their favorite drinks.

You can find home brewing equipment and a starter kit that can get you everything you need to start brewing on your own.

5. Cooking

You may cringe at the thought of having to cook after you get home from work, but cooking a meal could be what you need to truly relax.

After a day of seeing patients, doing dental work, and managing your office staff it can be nice to focus on making yourself and your family a delicious a meal.

Cooking can relieve your stress in a variety of ways.

The feeling of concentrating on something new and creating something for yourself can be rewarding. You may find that you like the smell of certain herbs and may treat cooking as a form of aromatherapy.

6. Exercise

There’s a proven link between physical activity and stress reduction. Getting a little exercise after work can help you relax and stay in shape.

When we say exercise, you don’t have to spend all of your time at the gym on a treadmill. There are plenty of ways you can exercise, reduce stress, and have fun.

Instead of going to workout on your own, consider signing up for class. You can make new friends when you’re exercising, and explore something new like pilates, yoga, or aerobics.

Next Steps

Now that you know some of the best hobbies for reducing stress, it’s time to pick something that you to do and get started on your hobby.

Carve out a little time after work to devote to your hobby. You’ll find that it’s easier to enjoy your hobby when you have time in your schedule for it.

Once you’ve picked you hobby, it may be time to think of ways to reduce stress when you’re at work.

When was the last time you evaluated your office and management skills?

Take time to read the content we’ve written and properly managing a dental practice. You may find that changing the way you run your office can help you feel less stressed.