Why You Should Consider Sports Chiropractic on Your Off Hours

Most dentists absolutely love the work they do, especially when they own their own practice. Whether you specialize in orthodontics, endodontics, or you prefer doing standard dentistry for children, there’s something about the work that gets you up every morning with a smile on your face.

However, no one’s dream job is 100% perfect. There are certain aspects of being a dentist that can present you with tough challenges. You know, like the long hours, the intense back and shoulder pain, and the patients you just can’t please no matter what you do.

Such things come with the job. Although you can’t really help the attitude of someone sitting in your chair, you can do something about that pain in your back. It might be time to go see a sports chiropractic specialist during your off hours.

Keep reading to discover all the ways chiropractic treatment can benefit you.

1. Relieves Pain in the Back, Neck, and Shoulders

How many patients do you see a day? How long are you hunched over them cleaning their teeth or working on a filling?

Chances are, you hold more tension in your back, neck, and shoulders than you think. Even if your mind is fully relaxed while at work, you’re using these muscles throughout the day every single time you meet with a new patient.

The stress on the body adds up, and it is reflected in the tightness in your spine and/or knots in your shoulders. Not to mention all the cracks in your neck after a long day.

Just as you’re there to help your dental patients achieve their best smile, a sports chiropractic can help your body feel much better than it has in quite a while. All it takes is a few regular visits to start undoing the damage that being a dentist has built up.

They’ll help get you into a better routine for your body – kind of like you encourage your patients to floss every day and schedule at least two annual dentist visits. However, your chiropractic routine will likely be more consistent, which you can click to read more about.

2. Helps Protect Against Future Aches and Pains

Maybe you’re more like some of your patients than you think. You’ve been to a sports chiropractor once or twice when your pain was really bad, but you’ve never stuck with the suggested routine.

It’s not enough to go every once in a while. It is better to see a chiropractor once in a blue moon than not at all, but the absolute best results happen when you get into a routine. This helps the body fully enjoy the pain relief and range of motion provided by chiropractic treatment.

When you start going to your chiropractor on a regular basis, your whole body changes. You’ll start to become more aware of how you hold yourself up every day while working on patients, and how that plays into your life outside of work.

Chiropractic treatment helps you notice ways to take better care of yourself. It keeps your body from getting intense aches, pains, and knots again, all while giving you the tools to maintain your health in between visits.

3. Eases Stress

The more your level of pain goes down, the more your stress will lower, too. It all goes hand in hand. When the body is tight and in pain, the mind isn’t able to think clearly.

After a good adjustment and some targeted stretches, though, everything feels much better. The muscles relax and the mind calms down.

This is beneficial for more than just your dental work. Lowering stress can have a profound effect on your quality of life. It can boost your focus, help you sleep better, and regulate your emotions.

All it takes is an hour or so once a week with a sports chiropractic. For most dentists, that’s much more accessible than taking a vacation all the time.

4. Improves Your Blood Pressure

As if less bodily pains and lower stress weren’t enough, regular chiropractic treatment can also improve your blood pressure. This is something that happens after long-term chiropractic treatment, but still a benefit worth mentioning.

Think of all the things you deal with running your own practice. If it’s not a tricky patient or a backed up waiting room, it’s budgeting decisions and marketing campaigns to keep the business going. Plus, there’s bound to be some employee difficulties to work through from time to time or days when you feel shorthanded.

Put simply, it’s a lot. Even if your mind can keep its cool and operate on eustress, your blood pressure is still likely to rise. Regular sports chiropractic treatment can bring it back down to normal.

If you’re the type to eat fast food during your lunch hour or you’re not one to work out much, this benefit is even more valuable for you. Blood pressure doesn’t just add up due to stress, it’s something that requires healthy dieting and an active lifestyle to maintain at a healthy level. Thankfully, chiropractic care can help fill in for these things if you don’t watch what you eat or exercise often.

5. Makes You a Better Dentist

You may think the only things that make you a better dentist are continued education and more experience. That’s not necessarily true. Changing your lifestyle outside of work can do wonders for how you perform in your dentist chair.

When you commit to regular sports chiropractic treatment, you become happier, more relaxed, and more focused. You’re able to give each patient the quality of care they deserve because you’ve prepared your mind and body as best as possible.

How cool is that? Try it out. Before you know it, you’ll start noticing the difference in your work thanks to the benefits of chiropractic care – and your patients and staff will see an improvement, too.

Stop Putting Off Sports Chiropractic Treatment

Think of all the times a new patient has opened their mouth and you’ve realized they were putting off dental care. Or how many patients you’ve had to remind over and over to come into your office.

In the same way that’s it’s no good to put off dental care, you have to stop putting off sports chiropractic treatment. Give your body the care it needs and watch how all the benefits of chiropractic care make themselves available to you.

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