Have You Lost Your Diploma? Find the Ins & Outs of Getting a Duplicate

Did you know that 90% of the population has a high school diploma? This means more people can head to college to receive their undergraduate diplomas. After graduation, it is possible to lose track of that very important piece of paper, but you can get it back. Read on to learn about the ins and outs […]

5 Extremely Helpful Medical Software for Business Management

Did you know that health care in the U.S. accounts for about 8.1% of consumer expenditure? Many professionals are joining the healthcare industry since it’s one of the most promising sectors. If you’re in the industry, you need to use tools that help you compete favorably.  Medical software solutions would be a great addition as […]

Practical Ways to Modernize Your Dental Practice

When it comes to remaining up to date with your dental practice, equipment, procedures, and treatments, processes are certainly the focal point. But if you want to turn your dental practice into a high-growth dental practice, you need to spend time modernizing other areas of your business, too. This includes your marketing and patient-facing initiatives. […]

The Aging Dentist: How to Be Prepared for Retirement

Are you a dentist looking to retire soon? For most people, retirement becomes a welcome–if not a tad daunting–venture. As you reach your later years, you’ve likely formed a life within your craft and have some bittersweet feelings about leaving.  Yet, many dentists still find themselves either needing to retire or ready to do so. […]

Developing A Comprehensive Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants

The age of the internet means that patients often seek out information online. A thorough and easy-to-understand set of localised resources on your site helps your practice as much as your patients. Creating a set of online resources has multiple positive outcomes, for both the business and the patients. Dental Artistry created a comprehensive guide […]

How to Keep Your Dental Practice Safe During the Pandemic

Living in a global pandemic does not mean that all the work stops. Maintaining a duty of care to dental patients and looking after oral health is an ongoing process. More than ever, patients need a supportive environment and the opportunity to seek help if they have any concerns. To continue to run your dental […]

Which Medical Profession Is Right For You: Dentist or Doctor?

As a student just beginning your graduate studies, you may be wondering if you’re better off as a dentist or a doctor. While both require degrees in the medical field, the work and preparation behind earning either degree are very different. From the time you apply for graduate school up until the time you’ve earned […]

4 Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Dental Practice

There eventually comes a point in time where every dentist considers selling their practice and transitioning into another phase of life – whether that’s another career or retirement. But before you go down this road, it’s wise to get a clear picture of what lies ahead. 4 Tips for Selling Your Practice If you’re going […]

When Do You Need a Dental License Defense Lawyer?

Even the best dentists can get hit with an unexpected complaint or claim of misconduct. Dentists can be easy targets for disgruntled patients or professional colleagues looking to sully a reputation. While anyone can make a mistake, for dentists a mistake, or even a false accusation can get a dentist caught up in the Dental […]

The Silent Success of the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry

There are some industry niches that will always be needed, including areas of business that will not be superseded by the advances of the technological age. One such area comes in the form of dentistry. The relative costs of a visit to a dentist have always been considered a steep but necessary one but the […]