Balancing Safety And Education, Dental Schools Embrace New Technology

As was the case for students everywhere, the events of 2020 significantly altered the nature of dental education. Instead of their typical hands-on education, most have been forced to transition to remote classes, while their instructors attempt to adjust the curriculum to address both the changed format and issues like telehealth-based dentistry. Still, as challenging […]

Shaping the Dental School Experience

You might already know you have a strong interest in dentistry, but what you may not yet know is how to translate that into a successful career. Understanding that this is a layered process should be your first step. Once you have accepted this fact then you can begin to tackle each step with the […]

6 Tips for Scoring High on the Dental Admission Test

If you are interested in going to dental school to become a practicing dentist, the first step in that journey requires that you take the Dental Admission Test (DAT). This test is designed to assess a candidate‚Äôs potential for success in dental school.  The DAT can be overwhelming for students considering the test covers a […]

Steps To Opening Your Own Dental Practice

Going to school to become a dentist is certainly not an easy process and it is quite time consuming. Going to school and becoming licensed as a dentist is just the beginning! The next step is generally not as difficult as getting certified but can be another time-consuming task. Finding the right location, demographic and […]

The Art of Automation: Driving Efficiencies in Your Practice

Interested in making your office more efficient? Wondering how to automate your practice? If you want to have an efficient business then it’s important that you look for ways to optimize your processes and that you automate anything that you can. With the right automation tools, you’ll improve the administrative side of your business and […]

5 Tips for Starting Your Career as a Medical Administrator

Healthcare administration is a growing career that is becoming more important than ever. If you’re looking to begin a career in healthcare administration, it can be overwhelming at first. To help make the transition as smooth as possible, here are five tips you should know to become a medical administrator. 1. Understand and Develop the […]

Everyone Should Know These 3 Reasons Why Dentistry is Essential

Dentistry is an overlooked practice as many people like to avoid dentists at all costs. However, the dental practice has been a critical component of our health since ancient Egyptians’ times. While we know oral hygiene is essential, many people don’t understand why it’s essential. To find out why dentistry is vital to your overall health, keep reading.  Dentistry […]

Are Dental Implants Really That Expensive in the US?

For many in the United States, the cost of dental implants makes them an unobtainable luxury. However, are they really that expensive compared to other countries in the world? Your dental surgeon spent many years in college and now has a significant student loan to pay back. The costs of the technology used to perform […]

8 Ways to Achieve Terrific Customer Satisfaction

When customers were asked, 96% said that excellent customer service is an essential factor in their loyalty to a brand.  In fact, one poor encounter with a grumpy employee could be enough to make a customer turn on their heels and take their business elsewhere. With growing factors like instant gratification and raised service expectations, […]

Why Is It a Good Idea to Use a Medical Phone Answering Service?

Every year, more than 80% of American adults come into a contact with a medical professional at least once. As a result, most medical offices throughout the country are very busy on a regular basis. If you’re in charge of helping to run one of these medical offices, you should strongly consider hiring a phone answering […]